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Dec 24, 2009

Multiple warts on hands troubled this 22-year-old for a long time before homeopathy gave her respite.

22-year-old Riya Sen (name changed) was embarrassed due to the multiple warts that she had developed on her hands. These small, rough, cauliflower-like growths were increasing in number when she got alarmed and visited Dr Batra's™ for treatment. 

Riya's warts would itch and also hurt if pressure was applied to them. She had cauterised them twice in the past three years but they recurred after some time. When she consulted us, she had almost 20 warts on all fingers. She repeatedly stressed on how embarrassed she felt when someone asked her about these growths on her hands. 

Riya's appetite, thirst, urine and stools were normal. She had a strong liking for chilled water and had an aversion to eating sweets. She would sweat excessively on her palms.

Apart from the warts, Riya used to suffer from recurrent attacks of Tonsillitis and Pharyngitis whenever she would consume cold food or cold drinks and at every change of weather. 

She had been staying away from her home since three years, so she used to feel very homesick. She was short-tempered but would also cool down easily. She was very punctual in her work and liked travelling. Whenever she would wash her face, she would get a strong feeling that someone was standing behind her.

Based on her history, Riya was prescribed Dulcamara by the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™. Within one year, she noticed a remarkable change and by the time she completed two years of homeopathic treatment, her warts had completely disappeared, never to come back again. She was glad that she did not have to undergo any procedures like cauterisation, which helped her only temporarily. Homeopathy treated the root cause of the problem, hence there was no recurrence of the condition after completing treatment. In addition, homeopathy also improved her immunity and she would not fall prey to recurrent Tonsillitis and Pharyngitis any more. Even when she would get the attacks once in a while, they would be mild and she would not need any antibiotics for the same.