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Dec 12, 2012

Five-year-old Mahesh with critical Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome (WAS) showed remarkable response only with homeopathy.

Five-year-old Mahesh was brought by his parents to our Indranagar Clinic, Bangalore, with a rare and critical condition known as Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome (WAS). WAS is an inherited disorder characterised by low levels of blood platelets, eczema, recurrent infections, and a high risk of cancer. The syndrome is so rare that it affects only one in every 2,50,000 male children. Typically, a WAS patient lives only for about four years; those who survive into adolescence often develop cancer. Death usually occurs from severe bleeding or severe infection in the first few years of life. The only possible cure for this disease is bone marrow transplantation.

At the time of his birth, Mahesh's parents had no clue about their child being afflicted with such a dangerous disease that has very poor prognosis. They had already consulted numerous doctors and Mahesh had a history of frequent hospitalisation. In his first three years, he had suffered from pneumonia, meningitis, septic infection of the right hip and convulsions. At the time he came to us, he had severe eczema with extreme itching. The skin all over his body had turned dry and parched. His parents complained of his tendency towards cold and cough. He had ear discharge and nasal blocks frequently accompanied by fever.

All these symptoms indicated a low and severely depleted immune system. The most important part of treating his case was to obtain a specialist's opinion for each of his complaints. Through the medium of telephonic-chat and video conferencing facility, our dermatologist in Mumbai was able to advise an entire skin management regime for Mahesh. Our MD Pediatrician and MD Physician also added their immediate inputs for this serious case. Our homeopaths, who specialised in rare and difficult diseases, were able to speak to the parents and examine Mahesh in real time while sitting in Hyderabad and Chennai, respectively.

After going through this collective examination and studying all his reports, Mahesh was prescribed Bacilinum 200. Today, the frequency of his cold and cough is significantly better. His eczema has also subsided and his overall health has mended.

Mahesh parents are overwhelmed with their son's remarkable response to homeopathy.