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Feb 25, 2010

16-year-old girl suffered from eczema since 10 years and was not helped by any other treatment.

16-year-old Ritu (name changed) had been suffering from eczema ever since she was six years old. For 10 years, the eruptions of eczema kept increasing and decreasing, but would never go off completely.

Her complaints had started when her family had moved to coastal region; thereafter, she started developing reddish eruptions on her skin with intense itching, dryness, cracks and scaling. There would be an oozing of thin fluid after scratching the affected areas and this would become very troublesome at times. Her eczema eruptions were mainly present on her feet, ankles and lower part of her legs. Ritu's eczema would get worse from a warm bath, change of season, dust, in winter and in wet conditions. Due to the long-standing nature of the disease, the skin on her legs had thickened (lichenification). She had taken allopathic treatment for her eczema for the last 10 years along with homeopathy treatment on and off in between, but this was without much result.

Along with the aforementioned complaints, Ritu also suffered from dandruff since eight years; however there was not much hair loss, she said. Additionally, she would get a headache whenever she travelled out in the sun. It was very difficult for her to move outside the house in hot weather.

She had no history of any other health problems in the past except for an episode of typhoid around two years ago. After typhoid, her eczema had worsened. Amongst her family members, there was a strong history of asthma, especially on her maternal side.

Ritu had an average appetite, and was particularly fond of pickles and curd rice. She was averse to sweets. Her perspiration was very scanty in general.

She stayed with her parents and sisters and said that she had a lot of friends. She preferred company and was an extrovert by nature. She would not get angry easily. Occasionally, she would feel anxious about her father business. Two months before seeing us, she had lost her maternal grandfather and after this, she had developed depression, since she was very attached to him. She was very emotional in general and said that she could not see others suffering. She was very active in her extra curricular activities and was also learning carnatic music.

After taking the case as above and analysing the same, the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ prescribed her the constitutional homeopathic medicine. On account of the chronicity of the disease, her eruptions were slow to respond to treatment. There was not much change in the eczema in the first three to four months, although there was a feeling of general well being. Later, the oozing from her eczema reduced considerably. Over a period of time, the dryness of the skin, thickening, darkening, itching, etc., were much less and her skin had started to look normal for the first time in so many years. During the treatment , there were phases when her condition would get a little worse due to certain external factors, but it would come under control with proper medication. At the end of two years of treatment, Ritu's eczema was completely gone and she was happy with her new-found good health, thanks to homeopathy!