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Can Scalp Psoriasis Cause Hair Loss?
Can Scalp Psoriasis Cause Hair Loss?

Can Scalp Psoriasis Cause Hair Loss?

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 Dr Batra’s™  February 18, 2021

Psoriasis is a medical condition that commonly causes skin changes on the knees, elbows, hands, feet and scalp. When it affects the scalp, red, raised, scaly patches appear and hair loss may occur. According to The National Psoriasis Foundation, 45 – 56 percent of people living with psoriasis have scalp psoriasis.

About Psoriasis

A scaly, silvery build-up on your head can be scalp psoriasis. This condition can cause itching and discomfort. Scratching your scalp makes it worse and may lead to temporary hair loss, which can be distressing.

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According to a research study by The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), in psoriasis disease, white blood cells known as T cells (also called as killer cells) appear to attack healthy skin cells. T cells play a role in the immune system where they ward off bacteria and viruses. The excessive activity of these T cells can lead to faster production of the skin cells. As this cycle speeds up, more skin cells move to the surface. Your immune system turns over skin cells too quickly, causing red, scaly patches and silver scales known as plaques to form on your skin’s surface.

A skin doctor can recommend various treatment options that can clear scalp psoriasis. Early treatment can reduce the symptoms of scalp psoriasis and associated hair loss.

Temporary Hair Loss

Scalp psoriasis can result in hair loss, but it’s generally temporary. You may scratch your head to relieve the itching caused due to scaly skin. But this could cause excessive hair loss. Methods of forcefully removing the scales to relieve psoriasis can also cause hair loss. Once you find an effective treatment, your hair will grow back.

To prevent itchy scalp and possible resulting hair loss, try the following tips:

  • Use a conditioner to keep your scalp moisturized.
  • Limit the use of hot tools, such as blow dryers, when styling your hair.
  • Try natural hair products that contain menthol due to its cooling properties.
  • Press a wet towel or ice pack against the irritated section of the scalp.

If you have hair thinning, scalp psoriasis flare ups are difficult to conceal. While you can’t completely prevent psoriasis breakouts, you can manage this skin condition.

Lifestyle Changes

Certain lifestyle changes can help treat scalp psoriasis and improve the health of your hair, particularly when implemented in combination with scalp psoriasis treatments.

  1. Reduce your alcohol intake: Alcohol can trigger psoriasis flare ups, making your scalp psoriasis worse.
  2. Reduce your stress levels: Like alcohol, stress and anxiety can cause psoriasis flare ups. Additionally, you must exercise regularly and maintain a healthy body weight!
  3. Avoid scratching your scalp and other skin areas: Over a period of time, scratching can lead to hair loss. You should monitor any skin injuries, such as cuts or insect bites, for psoriatic skin changes.
  4. Be cautious in extreme weather: It’s another common trigger for psoriasis. You must take ideal precautionary measures to protect your skin in extreme weather conditions.

The symptoms of scalp psoriasis can range from mild to severe. If you do not receive treatment, it can lead to severe hair loss. It’s important to treat scalp psoriasis and monitor symptoms for other underlying health conditions. Scalp psoriasis can be associated with chronic inflammation, which occurs with other health problems such as, insulin resistance, arthritis, obesity, high cholesterol and heart diseases.

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Can Scalp Psoriasis Cause Hair Loss?

Homeopathy Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis

Certain conventional oral medications for symptoms of psoriasis can suppress the body’s immune system. However, homeopathy treatment for psoriasis helps to control itching, prevents the spread of psoriasis and treats the symptoms of psoriasis safely and effectively. Thus, homeopathic medications are found to be more effective than conventional treatments in the long-term.

Dr Batra’s™ provides a comprehensive psoriasis treatment that extends beyond just physical symptoms, thereby correcting the emotional concerns of the patient. We suggest that you take the Dr Batra’s™ skin evaluation test in order to assess your current skin condition. The homeopathic specialist will customise your scalp psoriasis treatment after considering specific psoriasis symptoms. Book an appointment with us at Dr Batra’s™ and let our expert combination of homeopathy and technology provide a holistic scalp psoriasis treatment for you.