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Can male hair loss be reversed with Homeopathy?
Can male hair loss be reversed with Homeopathy?

Can male hair loss be reversed with Homeopathy?

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

An empty looking hairline and original thick hair replaced with thin hair is a growing cause of concern for most males. This is the first stage of male patterned baldness . The worst nightmare any male could have is having any empty crown which also could be a reason of embarrassment and low confidence levels.

What causes Male patterned Baldness?

In male patterned baldness there is a hormonal change generated in the body. This undesirable hormonal change causes the hair to become thinner. The male hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is an androgen is the culprit causing hairloss or balding.

Factors which cause increased production of DHT are psychological stress, unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy eating habits, excessive chemical treatments on hair, certain medicines or illnesses.

The causative factors need immediate medical attention and have to be treated to slow down the process of hair thinning and postponing baldness. A harmless medical treatment, healthy lifestyle and adequate diet are very essential to help stabilize the current situation and prevent further balding.

Can male hair loss be reversed?

Hair regrowth in male patterned baldness largely depends on the stage of baldness you come in with. Male Patterned Baldness in its early stages responds well to treatment. In advance stages it may not be possible to bring back your lost hair but the progress of hair loss can be slowed down. A long-term maintenance is required to prevent baldness.

Can male hair loss be reversed with Homeopathy?

The hairloss treatment for men depends on the stage of baldness you come in with. The earlier you start the treatment the better.

Saving the existing hair roots is the first motto. While most of your hair might have been affected and the bald patch is visible but still there are a few hair strands which can be saved.

The most effective and safe treatment for your existing hair would be homeopathy. It does not have any side-effects. Homeopathic medicines for hairloss like Thuja and Sabal Serrulata which are natural DHT inhibitors.

In the progressed stages of hairloss there are aesthetic treatments available which could help to regulate circulation in the affected area and stimulate growth of hair. These treatments are available in the market in the name of STMcell, Gro-hair or hair transplant. Your treating doctor can help you with the correct treatment option depending on your case requirement and associated diseases.

If you have already progressed to the last stage of baldness where there is no hair on top of your head then the best option for you will be to wear a wig.

Homeopathy helps to treat the factors which accelerate male patterned baldness. For example: If a person has lost hair post stressful event in life, then homeopathy will help the person to cope with stress and minimize the effects of stress on hair loss. Similarly homeopathy would help to treat the underlying diseases like thyroid disorders or diabetes which can also cause male patterned baldness.