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Can allergies worsen eczema?

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Imagine waking up in your bed and seeing severe rashes on your skin because you were scratching relentlessly in your sleep – or not being able to sleep at all because of intense itching. Think about how you might feel trying to explain what a flare-up of your eczema skin disease is like on a date or to your partner.

This is what happened with Shruti – It was more than Eczema for her

She got first eczema rash on her wrist when she was 17 and tried several allopathic medicines to get rid of it. She got momentarily relief with the eczema treatment. She was tested for everything imaginable by the doctors. For 5 years, she used steroid creams but it provided no benefit.

She lived in a bubble, with misery and pain, a limited lifestyle, and could no longer enjoy ‘water’ despite her passion being diving and swimming.

Thankfully fate stepped in and she got the right help from a homeopath. After close follow-ups, skin allergy test, and detailed counseling, the doctor told her that she is allergic to prawns, and dairy products. Hence, she gets the eczema flare-ups on her skin. She was advised constitutional homeopathic treatment for allergies, which reduced the intensity and frequency of her eczema flare-ups.

The following summer, she started diving and swimming again, and had her ‘life’ back! Her diet expanded to anything she wanted to eat, without experiencing any allergic reaction or eczema flare-up on the skin.

Thanks to homeopathy and right diagnosis of her skin condition that she was able to live her life cheerfully!

Eczema and allergies – a ‘close’ bond that is tough to break!

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that causes inflammation and irritation. It affects about 10% of adults and nearly 11% of children.

If you are suffering from this eczema skin disease, chances are high that you’ll develop some kind of allergies.

This is what happens mostly with eczema sufferers and it has been scientifically proven - Among children under 5 who have an eczema skin disease, as many as 30% may also have food allergies. The more severe your eczema skin disease, the higher the risk of developing allergies. Also read

This happens because people with eczema skin disease may have a defect in their skin barrier. Small gaps in the skin make it dry out quickly and allow allergens into the body. These allergens give rise to chemicals that lead to skin eruption, redness, and itching – typical symptoms of eczema.

Homeopathy can offer help to ease your allergy symptoms while reducing the intensity and frequency of eczema flare-ups

Homeopathy is known to correct the deviated immune response, which is the root cause of eczema or skin allergies as compared to other conventional medication (like steroidal ointments used for treating eczema).

Homeopathy assesses each individual’s medical history, physical symptoms, lifestyle, personality, and temperament before suggesting any remedy. It gives constitutional treatment to provide you long-lasting relief from the distress, not just suppression or relief of immediate symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines will help restore your hypersensitive immune system to normalcy and bring about a reduction in the intensity and frequency of the allergic reaction causing eczema flare-ups.

Therefore, if you or someone you know is going through similar experience help them by telling that their eczema flare-up could be a reaction of allergies and it can be very well treated with homeopathy.

Homeopathy gives a holistic solution for your health troubles and improves the overall quality of life. You can also consult our homeopaths for expert advice. You can call on 9033001642. They will guide you on how you can manage your eczema symptoms and get relief from allergic reactions.