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Bone Health - Symptoms

The biggest challenge with osteoporosis is that it does not have any symptoms. Most commonly, the patient will not know that they are suffering from osteoporosis until they end up fracturing their bones easily. The most common areas for fractures are the wrists, the spine and the hip.

Certain pointers to suspect osteoporosis are as follows:

  • If you suffer from non-specific pain all over the body, sometimes it is debilitating, leading to immobility.
  • The bone feels tender when touched.
  • One can look for the signs of parathyroid hormone disorder such as body pains and joint pains, nausea, heart burn and tiredness.


Physical disabilities:

  • easy fracture - due to osteoporosis, it becomes painful and takes a long time to heal;
  • kyphosis - loss of spinal curvature;
  • disability due to restricted movements, inability to perform day-to-day activities;
  • spinal compression leading to reduction in height of a person and may lead to nerve compression, leading to back pain and radiating pain in the legs and feet;
  • disfigurement to the compression of the spine; and
  • secondary infections such as pneumonia, bed sores and urinary tract infections due to immobility.

Emotional complications:

  • decreased quality of life, pain, lost work days and disabilities;
  • depression and negative body image caused by anxieties about being fragile;
  • a sense of restriction and limitation;
  • lack of confidence because of the inability to dress up, stand and walk
  • fear of falling, making the patient anxious when in crowded places;
  • fear of the loss of independence;
  • financial burden due to hospitalisation and absenteeism at work;
  • inability to carry on with the daily routine;
  • feeling of being helpless and alienated; and
  • strained relationships with family and friends.

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