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Bone Health - Diagnosis

Our homeopaths will evaluate the patient bone health, identify their risk factors and will recommend bone density serum calcium tests. The results will help our homeopaths gauge the patient bone density and determine the rate of bone loss. By evaluating this information and the risk factors, our homeopaths can assess whether the patient can be a candidate for medication to help slow down bone loss.

The diagnosis will be done by our homeopaths by evaluating the patient medical history, bone density test and certain blood tests.

  1. medical history that includes identification of causative factors such as hormonal and mineral deficiencies, family history, history of medications and the patient
  2. blood test is necessary to rule out underlying diseases, namely:
    • serum calcium levels;
    • serum vitamin D levels;
    • in case of parathyroidism, serum phosphorus and alkaline phosphates;
    • in case of thyroid dysfunction, the thyroid function test; and
    • in case of kidney disorders, the ferritin levels.
  3. Scans:
    • Bone mineral density - to determine the density of the bone, it is the first step in prevention of osteoporosis. The results will help our homeopaths to understand the bone density and determine the patient rate of bone loss.
    • Dexa scan (DUAL X-ray absorptiometry) - measures the bone density to identify the fracture risk; the areas include the spine, the hip and the total bone density.
    • Ultrasound and CT scan can be advised in certain cases, but may not be necessarily advised in all cases.