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Backache - Symptoms

  • soreness of the muscles, dull aches or sharp, shooting pain
  • stiffness
  • pain upon slight motion brought about by coughing and sneezing
  • pain with a tingling sensation in the arms or legs
  • mild swelling over the affected area
  • weakness in the muscles or reduced power
  • pinched nerve sensations
  • discomfort so severe that the patient wakes up from their sleep
  • altered sensations in the affected area
  • tilted spine


Apart from causing physical disability, backache can also be the reason behind the patient’s emotional trauma.

Physical complications:

  • weight gain, obesity
  • life-long disability
  • nerve damage
  • urinary incontinence, that is, urinating unintentionally
  • difficulty urinating
  • faecal incontinence, that is, loss of bowel control
  • numbness around the genitals, anus and buttocks

Emotional complications:

Pain can come in the way of enjoying normal, daily activities, adversely affecting the quality of life.

Few emotional complications include the following:

  • The patient may not enjoy activities such as cooking because of their pain.
  • The patient may start avoiding family outings, functions or parties because they find it difficult to travel with intense pain.
  • Limited body movements get in the way of family life, such as playing with kids or simply being active and enthusiastic at home.
  • High-impact sports, such as cricket, basketball or squash, and even dancing may become difficult due to stiffness and soreness in the back.
  • Backache hampers concentration at work.
  • Backache may cause disturbed sleep.
  • Patients with backaches become increasingly irritable, sad or depressed and anxious, because they may have to depend on others for helping with simple, routine activities through the day.

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