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Backache - FAQs

How important is posture in treating back pain?

Bad posture may put additional strain over muscles and ligaments around the spine. Thus, it is essential to maintain the correct posture at all times to avoid back pain, especially while treating it.

I have been asked to lose weight to improve my back pain. How important is weight loss?

Excess weight exerts a lot of pressure over the ligaments and muscles around the spine. Hence, weight loss is essential to treat back pain.

I am in a profession where I have to sit for long hours without a break. What self-care is advised to control my backache?

To control backache, use back support to prevent strain on your muscles. The back rest helps your muscles relax and, therefore, minimise pain. A wide range of back rests is available in stores. Choose a suitable one that will help you sit comfortably.

Can I exercise if I have back pain?

Yes. Mobility is important to have healthy, functioning back muscles. Exercise will enhance the flexibility of joints and ligaments. Take recommendations from your physiotherapist to decide your exercise regime.

Every time I am stressed, I get a backache. Is this psychological or real pain?

Stress increases muscle tension. The more trouble you have dealing with stress, the more likely you are experience pain. People with mental distress are three times more likely to develop lower back pain than those with better coping mechanism.


Myths and Facts

  1. I have to lie down and rest when I have a backache.
    Immobility can make the bones and muscles stiff. Hence, it is essential to move, except in case of an injury.
  2. An active lifestyle will not give you backaches.
    Overexertion, long working hours and stress can lead to backaches.
  3. Skinny people do not get backaches.
    Inadequate nutrition, as often seen in skinny people, is one of the reasons for backaches.
  4. Back pain has no cure.
    In most cases, back pain is an effect of weak muscles and incorrect posture. Treating the cause will eliminate back pain.