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Backache - Diagnosis

The doctors at Dr Batra's™ diagnose a patient with the following steps:

  1. The diagnosis for back pain begins with a detailed clinical evaluation.
  2. A detailed examination of the patient range of movements is conducted by asking them to perform certain actions of the joints. This helps the doctors analyse and plan the set of exercises a patient must practise.
  3. Our doctors will design a customised treatment plan after identifying the cause, triggers and risk factors as well as the signs and symptoms.
  4. The doctors may ask the patient for their X-ray and certain specialised blood test reports.
  5. In case of a doubt, a second opinion or scan (i.e., CT or MRI scan) may be advised.


Apart from causing physical disability, backache can also be the reason behind the patient’s emotional trauma.

Physical complications:

  • weight gain, obesity
  • life-long disability
  • nerve damage
  • urinary incontinence, that is, urinating unintentionally
  • difficulty urinating
  • faecal incontinence, that is, loss of bowel control

Emotional complications:

Pain can come in the way of enjoying normal, daily activities, adversely affecting the quality of life.

Few emotional complications include the following:

  • The patient may not enjoy activities such as cooking because of their pain.
  • The patient may start avoiding family outings, functions or parties because they find it difficult to travel with intense pain.
  • Limited body movements get in the way of family life, such as playing with kids or simply being active and enthusiastic at home.
  • High-impact sports, such as cricket, basketball or squash, and even dancing may become difficult due to stiffness and soreness in the back.
  • Backache hampers concentration at work.
  • Backache may cause disturbed sleep.
  • Patients with backaches become increasingly irritable, sad or depressed and anxious, because they may have to depend on others for helping with simple, routine activities through the day.