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Homeopathy treats white patches safely

Vitiligo, or white patches, is a pigmentation disorder. In this condition, the cells that make the pigment melanin and provide colour to our skin are destroyed. The outcome is white patches on the skin and different parts of the body including the inside of the mouth and nose, inner layer of the eyeball, or retina. Vitiligo can affect the hair too, turning them white.

Vitiligo affects men and women equally; it may also run in families. Research suggests that individuals with a family history of vitiligo are at increased risk. Other triggers that may enhance the threat are extreme stress and autoimmune syndromes, such as disorders of the thyroid gland. Vitiligo is not a life-threatening problem, but it can be extremely stressful. It is not uncommon for women with vitiligo to be discriminated against in matrimony. If vitiligo affects one after marriage, it is often a strong ground for separation.

Vitiligo not only affects ones psychological well-being, familial or social life, but also ones career and self-esteem. More so, when white patches appear on visible areas of the body face, hands, arms and feet. Adolescents can be shattered by vitiligo; others may feel humiliated, miserable, depressed, or apprehensive about how other people react or look at them.

Kanchan (45) had white patches on her forearms and legs. She had taken homeopathic treatment earlier, but in vain. She complained of unusual weight gain and lethargy. I advised her to get thyroid tests done the diagnosis was obvious, hypothyroidism. I now prescribed Thyroidinum, a homeopathic medicine, for six weeks, following which her white patches started repigmenting. She started feeling much better overall; she also lost weight and regained her self-confidence.

Nearly 30% individuals suffering from vitiligo may have an underlying illness such as hypothyroidism or diabetes. Homeopathy believes that it is imperative for one to look out for clinical symptoms of such disorders, especially in cases of vitiligo that do not respond to treatment. In Kanchans case, her low thyroid levels proved to be an obstacle to healing. When this was corrected, her white patches responded quickly and favourably to homeopathic treatment.

Article by Dr Mukesh Batra
L.C.E.H., F.H.M.A. (U.K.), F.R.S.H. (Med) P.(Lon), M.D.H. (U.S.A.), F.B.I.H.(U.K.)
Published in Times of India on 29 August 2010