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The homeopathy personality


Calcarea Carbonica is a top intelligence quotient [IQ] homeopathic remedy. It typifies individuals who are most unpretentious and emote practical intelligence. Calcareas are also, in general, inclined to partner Sulphurs in bonding or marriage. The duo forms a radical combination too balancing each others spheres of contrasts.

Calcareas are often easy-going, jovial and down-to-earth. They have a fondness for the community and a liking for culture, values, tradition, and the past. They are often meticulous and finicky and endowed with a systematic approach to everything they do.

They are, at the same time, particularly inflexible when someone intrudes or tries to change their perception. They are devoted to their work, job, or profession. Just get it done is not merely a slogan for them but a way of life. They dont believe in leaving work for another day; they believe in completing it, come what may, by close of play each day. They love safety. Yet, the irony is they are vulnerable to anxiety because even trifles can upset their sense of security. This could be finance, a new venture or job not to speak of everyday routine or chores. It is this insecurity that compels them to be emotional eaters causing them to be typically overweight. Luckily, instead of bothering them, their extra girth or weight actually provides them with a reassuring sense of security. When you see a roly-poly individual happily munching wafers, or fast-food watching TV and feeling in sync with himself, think Calcarea Carbonica.

Calcareas are often easy-going, but they can be rigid when pushed or rushed. Never attempt force, either physical or psychological, when dealing with them. This is because they may take on too much, feel overwhelmed, and back off. Your forcefulness will be of no use. Calcareas are endowed with a great sense of practical intelligence including a way with numbers, figures, facts and street knowledge. They are methodical thinkers. They are analytical too they want to first understand how things work rather than accept what others may say. Have you not seen Calcarea kids with the standard why'? They are questioning and inquisitive.

They can become stubborn and hypercritical when others dont understand their outlook and concerns. Calcareas are prone to disorders of the glands. They may also suffer from hypochondria with an awful feeling of always being sick or a constant feeling that they will never again be as healthy as they were before. They are also plagued by the fear of being perceived as slow or dim-witted causing a sense of unhappiness.

Calcareas epitomise physical lethargy. They are hugely convinced that exercise takes too much time and effort with no real results. They may not be willing to even shake hands because they could consider it an exertion with no outcome. They lack energy and stamina. When they push themselves too hard, they are often riddled with aches and pains and complain of complete fatigue.

Being fat and flabby, it is probably a relief for Calcareas that they are instinctively lazy. The oyster effect. The Calcarea element is made from the oyster-shell.

It is, therefore, as closed as its source. In terms of psychology, it represents a shelled, encased personality. Calcarea types need to hold onto something solid to feel safe. They enjoy eating, spending a lot of time relishing and assimilating food. Fat and slow, Calcarea children and adults alike, are homely types they love to spend their quality time at home, watching TV, nibbling on comfort food. They love to be hugged, even cuddled.

Calcareas hanker for security. They would probably enjoy black cat protection. What they abhor is change. For them, the very idea of change is intimidating. They would prefer to spurn better opportunities to remain in the same job forever. Nor do they like to leave their place of birth or hometown. Like the creature that cannot be coaxed from its shell. Calcareas are happiest at home.

Calcarea is averse to new experiments and new experiences as well. When new things happen for whatever reason, they are slow to accept them or may even seek to delay them. Nor do they relish others points-of-view. They cling to their own idea howsoever flawed it may be. Although they often worry about the future, they are able to enjoy life within their own confines without needing any state-of-the-art technology, entertainment, money or status.

Calcarea is an unsophisticated remedy solid, grounded, constant, dependable and no-nonsense with a fixed interest in certain things. They know what they want, they are also fussy about things that they want to buy or own. So long as they are able to fulfil their wants, they are sweet, contented and even-tempered, but when they fail, or dont get what they want, they turn negative and are filled with despair.

Calcareas are often envious when other people achieve more than they do. They may not covet the prize themselves but they do not appreciate someone else winning it. Their reaction is to slump into lethargy and at most pray for divine intervention. But they will not do a thing to change or improve anything about themselves. That would just be too much work!

Great diplomats

Although they do not like adjustment of any kind, Calcareas display excellent diplomatic skills; they can wriggle out of a tight spot without much ado. This is the secret of their survival, although they may not like adjustment of any kind. Calcareas are quiet, vigilant, easily influenced, and extremely sensitive. They are overweight which is hardly surprising given their love of sweets, starchy food, eggs and oysters. They detest coffee and milk. They feel cold rather than warm and although they sweat profusely in the heat, they prefer warm heated spaces to fresh cool air. They fear the dark and ghosts, incurable illness, scarcity, pests, and thunderstorms.

They are not friendly or warm towards strangers, but they exude great affection, warmth and love towards close friends and family. They want to remain in their comfort zones performing the same task in the same place every day without getting bored or wanting more money. In fact they are not at all enamoured of wealth or power. They are not ambitious and are often content with what they have. Put simply, they prefer status quo over progress.


10-year-old Shekhar experienced severe nasal allergy at every change of weather and season. He represented the typical flabby child who loved comfort food especially potato chips while watching TV, and perspired profusely in the head. We prescribed him the homeopathic remedy, Calcarea Carbonica which matched his symptom picture and individuality. He responded favourably to homeopathic treatment and, within just five months, his condition favourably improved.


28-year-old Mridula came to us with weight problems. She was suffering from mood swings, bouts of depression and lack of interest in regular activities because of her long-standing weight issue. Thyroid function tests pointed towards hypothyroidism. On the basis of her detailed case history and analysis, we prescribed her the homeopathic remedy, Calcarea Carbonica. She was regularly tracked by a body composition monitor for weight, body fat, bone mass, visceral fat, muscle mass, total water content, basal metabolic index [BMI], and metabolic age. As the treatment progressed, over a period of one year, she shed her excess weight and regained her lost confidence.