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Acid peptic disease

Todays fast-paced, competitive lifestyle, which is very demanding and stressful, is bound to cause severe health related diseases. One such disease that is on the rise these days is acid peptic disease, which affects one out of every three people. People of all age groups are susceptible to acid peptic disease, with heredity, stress, pregnancy and the abuse of painkillers being the usual triggers. Conventional treatment employs anti-reflux drugs and antacids that help in relieving the acidity but produce a multitude of side effects like constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, and even intestinal bleeding, when taken for prolonged periods of time. Homeopathy, on the other hand, is safe and effective with long lasting results. It not only helps in treating the symptoms but addresses the cause as well, leading to a gradual reduction in the need for antacids.

45-year-old Subhash Rao, CEO of a company, complained of heartburns, retrosternal burning and discomfort in the stomach, which used to get worse after meals. He used to indulge in a lot of alcoholism and smoking due to his high profile parties. His condition had worsened to such an extent that antacids no longer helped and his work started getting affected. His job demanded a lot from him and, to add to this, he was a perfectionist by nature. Considering his condition, type A personality and substance abuse, the homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica was selected. A few doses did miracles for him and he returned to his work with his same old zeal.

Since an erratic lifestyle could lead to acid peptic disorders, certain modifications in lifestyle are necessary along with medication. Avoid alcohol, smoking, coffee and tea. Do not bend or lie down immediately after your meals. Preferably have smaller meals at regular intervals. Keep the head-end of your bed raised when you sleep to avoid acid reflux. Shed some weight if you are overweight. Yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises may help.

Homoeopathic medicines:
Natrum Phos 6X, two tablets twice daily, are recommended for retrosternal burning.
Robinia 6C, five pills twice daily, are useful in heartburns caused due to reflux.

Article by Dr. Mukesh Batra
L.C.E.H., F.H.M.A. (U.K.), F.R.S.H. (Med) P.(Lon), M.D.H. (U.S.A.), F.B.I.H.(U.K.)
Published in Times of India on 09 August 2009