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Are your salon visits increasing your hair loss problem

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

The hair is our crowning glory. It is vital to have soft, shiny and well-styled hair to make a good impression in today’s world. But, what if you start losing your precious locks at an early age? Are you really taking good care of your hair? Answer to this question by many is taking into account salon procedures for hair loss, which is like starting off your hair loss treatment on the wrong foot.

While hormonal changes and stress can be a trigger for hair loss in young adults, cases of self-abuse to one's hair are also on the rise among young adults who spend an average of Rs 2,000 per month on hair styling and grooming products such as straighteners, curlers, shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair serums and hair gels.

The hair care industry is a billion dollar business. As such, it has the ability to influence the minds of the consumer to a great extent. The way in which hair loss is portrayed in the media through hair care product commercials and advertisements, it almost seems fair to say that hair loss is nothing more than a cosmetic problem that can be easily solved by the use of a few fancy products which is not true at all. In addition to the retail market of hair care products like oils, serums, and shampoos, specialized hair care beauty salons are increasingly becoming a popular medium for introducing specialized products in the premium market.

However, it is important to note that hair loss is not a cosmetic but a medical condition and spending money on salon treatments is not exactly the ideal hair fall solution. So, if you are facing excessive hair loss (more than 50-100 strands a day) or hair thinning, then your body is perhaps trying to tell you that there is something wrong with it and that you need to pay attention to your health as soon as possible. This is not fiction or fantasy. The body is known to reveal warning signs to patients well before an illness reveals itself. It is the first sign of distress within the body. The health of your hair and scalp provide insightful cues about a host of latent disorders, such as thyroid problems, diabetes and anemia, much before a clinical diagnosis is established. Did you know that losing hair from the top of the head could be the first visible sign of heart disease? In women, hair loss may indicate polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It therefore needs immediate medical attention.

You can take homeopathy treatment for hair loss as it requires a personalized approach to the treatment. The selection of homeopathy treatment is based on the extent of your hair loss, the grade of baldness and more importantly, understanding the underlying medical cause of hair loss.

International studies show that homeopathic medicines for hair loss are effective in treating the condition, without any side-effects. Clinical studies in Europe have shown that after homeopathic treatment 83% of women patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome had no signs of ovarian cysts. Therefore, there was a marked reduction in their hair loss too.

A study conducted in Scotland reports that 90% of individuals opted for homeopathy as the first line of treatment for hair loss. This is because homeopathy slows down the progression of bald patches and fills up scanty hair areas with new hair, leading to a complete recovery in most cases.

Hence, it is important to note that hair loss is a medical condition and if you’re losing more than 50-100 strands a day, please consult a trichologist who can help you identify the problem and help you in treating hair fall instead of visiting a salon.