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Allergies - Treatment

A study of 200 patients suffering from hypersensitivity illnesses, including asthma, eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis and other allergies showed that homeopathy was as effective as conventional treatment. Where most patients who were treated by medical doctors experienced an aggravation of their symptoms when stopping conventional drugs, only one-third of the patients in the homeopathy group experienced such an aggravation.

Only one patient on conventional treatment experienced improvement of symptoms after stopping medication, compared to improvement in two-third of the homeopathy patients.

Patients in the homeopathy group reported a larger improvement in their general state of health, with 57% improvement, compared to 24% in the conventional group.

Homeopathy patients also experienced more positive change in their psychological state. About 53% of the patients in the homeopathy group showed improved quality of life, compared to 15% in the conventional group. (Launsø L, Kimby CK, Henningsen I, Fønnebø V. An exploratory retrospective study of people suffering from hypersensitivity illness who attend medical or classical homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy, 95, 73-80, 2006.)

Treatment approach at Dr Batra’s ™

Step 1: First Consultation – Our doctors will spend 30-45 minutes with you to understand the exact cause of allergies. We will take into account your medical history, lifestyle, work and home environment. Depending on all these factors, our doctors suggest customized homeopathic treatment that will help you cope with allergies.

Step 2: Medical Diagnosis – Our doctors will perform physical exam and ask about your symptoms. You will be asked about your lifestyle, work and home environments, your family’s medical history, and the frequency and severity of your symptoms. If needed, they may suggest you blood IgE tests or skin test to identify allergens and figure out the best treatment and prevention plan for you.

Step 3: Personalized Treatment - Natural homeopathic medicines are suggested based on the diagnosis made and extent of the condition.

Benefits of Homeopathy

  • Treatment with medicines made from natural sources like plants and minerals
  • Treatment customized for every patient
  • Effectively treats the underlying cause of allergies
  • Builds immunity
  • Reduce tendency to allergies
  • Reduce repeated attacks.

Step 4: Advice on lifestyle – Our doctors will guide you on to how you can do certain things to reduce allergens and minimize your exposure to allergy triggers. The tips will help you manage the symptoms and help us achieve the desired treatment result.

Why Dr Batra's ™?

Largest network of qualified homeopathic doctors

At Batra’s™, we have one of the largest networks of homeopathic doctors in the world with over 350 homeopaths practicing globally.

Our homeopaths are medically qualified and have completed a 5 ½ years degree course in homeopathy that includes medicine, surgery, gynaecology, anatomy, physiology, and psychology. We also have over 45 specialists MDs [Medicine in Homeopathy [M.D.(Hom)].

Customized treatment for every patient

We at Dr Batra's™ present you with holistic and personalized treatment. Our treatment extends beyond just physical symptoms, thereby correcting the deep seated emotional concerns of the patient, which in many cases are the cause of medical disorders.

E-medical records / cross referencing made easier

Centralized recording of data enables patients to consult our homeopaths in any of our clinics across the world. Cross referencing becomes much faster, thereby deriving better treatment results for patients through our past experience.

Optimum treatment outcome

We have achieved over 96.3% success rate in treating respiratory disorders including allergies (Authenticated by American Quality Assessors).

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