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Allergies FAQs

Can allergies be successfully treated?

Yes. Allergies can be successfully treated through homeopathy. Our doctors will identify your allergens and build a customised treatment plan for you. Small lifestyle changes along with the homeopathic treatment will certainly help you treat and overcome your allergies.

For how long do I need to continue the treatment?

As soon as you begin to see results you will be gradually introduced to the substances you were allergic to. You will start to notice that despite the exposure to the allergens that caused tremendous reaction in your body earlier, your body has now adjusted to them. This is when you know that you are free from allergies, thus you can stop the treatment.

What are the best possible ways to avoid triggers?

Identifying your triggers is important before you avoid them. Our doctors will help you with this. Small lifestyle changes can help you avoid specific triggers. However, avoiding triggers is possible only to some extent, as it is not a long-term answer to allergies. Homeopathic treatment can help you build your immunity and fight the triggers.

Can stress cause allergies?

While stress does not cause allergies, it does make them worse by increasing the levels of histamine in your blood stream. An increase in allergy symptoms brought on by stress is a common occurrence in many patients.

My symptoms are not constant, but they are intermittent, just a few weeks a year. Am I suffering from allergies?

You probably have seasonal allergies, which is the reason for your symptoms are intermittent and appear just few weeks a year. It is advisable to treat your allergies before they become persistent.


Myths and facts

  1. Children outgrow allergies. 
    Yes and no. Children usually outgrow one allergy just to develop another. They stand a higher chance of developing allergies than adults, especially food allergies. While certain allergies can be outgrown, most children carry strong allergies into adulthood. It is advisable to treat allergies early even in the childhood so that they do not grow up with them.
  2. Allergies are not life–threatening.
    Allergies can kill. Some people have such an extreme sensitivity to a particular substance that the allergen can trigger anaphylaxis or angio neurotic odema that can cause death if neglected.
  3. "Organic" foods do produce allergy.
    It is not true. However, the fact is most organic or natural foods, such as cow's milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, fish and shellfish, are unprocessed, and that can cause allergic reactions. Allergies are caused by the proteins in the food and are not limited to the chemicals in the food.
  4. Allergies develop only in childhood.
    While allergies often develop in childhood, you can get them as an adult too. Allergies at any age need to be treated all the same.
  5. Anti-histamnine and allergy shots are long-term cures.
    While both these may give temporary relief, they certainly do not provide long-term cures for allergies and may have side-effects over long-term use.