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10 ways to fight infections causing respiratory disorders in children

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 Dr. Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Even a simple cold and cough can become serious at times. Respiratory disorders in children are generally caused due to infections from bacteria or viruses.  If your child has a weak immune system then they could be easily vulnerable to these viruses and bacteria’s and cause acute upper respiratory tract infections. It also causes increased absenteeism in school.

Upper Respiratory tract infections treatment cannot be solved by giving medicine alone. To upkeep your child’s immune system; here are 10 ways to fight infections causing respiratory disorders in children:

  1. Do not smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy: Building of an immune system starts when the baby is in the mother’s womb. Smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy not only could cause low birth weight of the baby but would also make the baby more susceptible to infections. Avoiding smoking and alcohol increase the chances of having an asthma and allergy free baby.
  2. Breast feeding is very important for your child: You can start feeding the baby breast milk within minutes after the birth. The first milk the breast makes is the colostrum. It is sticky, yellow colored milk and contains antibodies which make your baby’s immune system strong. It creates a strong coat on your baby’s intestines and stomach to keep away germs from causing illness. Colostrum is everything your baby needs to live a life outside your body.
  3. Do not make your child a passive smoker: Cigarette smoke is the most common trigger of a respiratory disorder in children especially asthma. Passive smoking could lead your child’s health to deteriorate and could make their immune system weak. This could make them prone for infections and trigger a respiratory disorder.
  4. Help your child maintain normal weight: We would love our child to be chubby and cute. But children who are overweight for their age and height could be more prone for developing respiratory disorders like asthma. Childhood obesity could weaken the immune system making your child more prone for infections and respiratory disorder.
  5. Do not just vacuum clean the house but also clean the vacuum cleaner:  Dust mites present on the beds, carpets, curtains and soft toys is the most common cause of infection and trigger for respiratory disorders. Vacuum cleaning the house regularly would help to keep away the dust mites. Vacuum cleaning the house is just half the work done. Cleaning the vacuum cleaner also important to prevent infection through dust mites in vacuum cleaner.
  6. Avoid or restrict your child’s contact with pets: There is a protein found in animal dander like their skin, saliva, fur or urine which causes body reaction when it comes in contact with human body. This could cause infection leading to respiratory disorder. If you have a pet then avoid or restrict your child’s contact with the pet.
  7. Teach your child good oral hygiene: Good oral hygiene is very important to prevent infections caused by the germs in the oral cavity. Cultivate good habits in your child to brush their teeth regularly to keep these germs at bay and prevent infections which lead to respiratory disorders.

       8. Avoid taking your child in crowded places when cold and flu season is at its peak: Children with a weak immune system are at increased risk for being infected by a person who is already infected. So avoid taking your child in crowded places when it is a peak season for cold and flu.

       9. Keep your child away from you if you are suffering from a communicable infection: If you are suffering from a communicable infection then keep distance from your child. Do not kiss your child as you could transfer the infection to your child.

     10. Include a diet rich with immune booster foods:  Immune booster foods include vitamin C rich foods like kiwis, oranges, papaya or broccoli. Including vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet will help to upkeep the immune system of your child and help fight infections leading to respiratory disorders. Apart from this turmeric is a very good natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory which can be given mixed with milk when your child is suffering from cold or flu like symptoms for faster recovery and boosting their immunity.