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Fri 04, Jan 2013

Dr Batra's launches B Perfect clinic in Hyderabad

The world’s largest homeopathic healthcare corporate, Dr Batra’s today launched ‘B Perfect’ – its day-care aesthetic clinic providing hair transplant and skin-care solutions – with a dedicated team of surgeons, nurses and medical consultants, in Hyderabad. After successfully transplanting more than 15 lakh hair across its 6 centres in India, B Perfect now brings this expertise to Hyderabad.

Dr Batra’s has been offering comprehensive hair treatment solutions in an environment trusted by patients for more than 3 decades and the addition of B Perfect hair transplantation services truly makes it the one the one-stop solution provider for all your hair problems. The latest addition to their services is needle-less Mesotherapy – an intensive therapy to stimulate hair growth and show effects in a short duration of time.

International quality of services at Indian prices, highly qualified and experienced surgeons trained by international experts, latest techniques and transparent pricing make B Perfect the ideal place for all your hair transplantation requirements.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Akshay Batra, Director, B-Perfect and President, The Trichological Society, London, UK, said: “Hair loss can be a disturbing, embarrassing condition for most people. In many cases, people end up taking the wrong treatments that only lighten their wallets and deflate the morale. At Dr Batra’s, we believe anguish due to hair loss is totally unnecessary. With the latest in hair transplant surgery techniques, ‘B Perfect’ Clinic has now been opened in Hyderabad to deliver on this promise.”

Dispelling fears regarding hair transplant, Dr Akshay Batra said: “Let me reassure people that hair transplantation, which is a day-care procedure, is not painful. In fact, it’s so comfortable that clients can watch television, read a book, talk on phone or just relax during the procedure. Once the procedure is over, they can go home immediately and then return to the thick of work within a couple of days. Best of all, hair transplant is a permanent procedure that can get your own hair growing back on your scalp for all your life.”

With more than half a million satisfied patients cured of various ailments, Dr Batra’s will bring the same professional touch to solving hair-loss problems of patients through fixed packages with no hidden costs. Moreover, treatment plans are customized for all clients – no procedure or graft options are the same for any two people.

“Dr Batra’s CME (Continued Medical Education) programs ensure all doctors are updated with the latest developments at periodic intervals, thereby performing procedures flawlessly,” concluded Dr Batra.

For Consultation with Dr Wajid Ali Anwar, please call 040 42021015