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Fri 10, Sep 2010

The latest in hair transplantation from Dr Batra’s

MyBangalore speaks to Akshay Batra about their latest technique- Hair Follicle Cloning.

Akshay Batra, the deputy managing director of Dr Batra’s had an array of options to choose from when it was the time for him to opt for a career. Yet, he chose to be a Homeopathy doctor. When asked why, he says it’s because Homeopathy is the second largest system in the world, next to Allopathy and its medicines have no side effects. “My father, as a doctor, always wanted me to have a special bond with patients, which is something you get to see in only in the Homeopathy stream.”

Dr Batra, is India's first Trichologist from The Trichological Society of London and the first ever non-UK based Trichologist to receive the Robert Olding award for outstanding achievement and personal endeavor in the field of Trichology. He is also the first ever Asian Trichologist to get the honor of being the Vice President of the Trichological Society of London.
In India, Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic is a known name in homeopathy with 55 clinics and close to 300 doctors operating all year round. MyBangalore met with Dr Batra to find out about the new technique of Hair transplantation and Hair Follicle Cloning (H.F.C.) that his clinic boasts of.

Proven to be the most cost effective and guaranteed to combat a permanent hair loss, H.F.C. aka Tissue Engineering, creates a large number of hair follicles from a single hair follicle. This is the latest technique Dr. Batra is working on. Also joining this venture is a U.S. based firm.

What is it with the new Hair transplantation technique? How has it been so far?
It’s a procedure where we surgically transplant the hair from the Occiput (back side of the head) to the places where one has got the maximum of the hair loss. It’s a simple procedure where we cut a strip of follicles from the back side of the head for the transplantation.

So far, the procedure has been quite successful among people. And we have been getting nice feeds from centers all across the country.

How expensive is the surgery?
It depends on how much of the area has to be transplanted in the scalp. We also look for the feasibility; if the person is completely bald, it is not possible for us to carry the surgery. The expense for the surgery is close to one lakh rupees.

Under what condition do you undergo this surgery?
In the medical terms, there are close to 40 different kinds of hair loss. One of it, is the Pattern Hair Loss. And there is no medication to it, neither any kind of complete remedial procedure. For patients with this, the only way out is the Hair Transplantation, which is a permanent long lasting solution.

Does the procedure involve complications?
No. It’s a very simple procedure, and we do the surgery in our centers. The complete procedure involves four to five hours, after completion of which the patient is advised a two days rest.
We actually like to call the concept an art, and not a surgery. When a patient comes for hair transplantation, we spend a lot of time studying his cerebellum structure. There are limitations, too, in this. We don’t have a lot of hair available for the transplantation; it’s only the ones that’s available in the Occiput.

Do you have this hair transplantation procedure available in all your centers?
For now, it’s in Mumbai, but by February next year, we will have it in Bangalore too, and then in Delhi. We are aiming to having this procedure available in all the metropolis by the end of this financial year.

What are the major causes of hair fall in patients who come to your clinic?
There can be a lot of reasons behind this, but some of the common causes that we have found out are -Smoking habits. Too much of consumption of read meat (this, however, is not a conclusive study), Imbalanced diet, Sleep disorders, Poor lifestyle (people have to take care of their body, and hair is an integral part)

Any tips to avoid hair Loss?
Don’t use hair gels. If you do use gels then use Aloe Vera based gels. Don’t comb while the hair is still wet. Use a mild shampoo (shampooing alternate days is preferred). For Vegetarians: Consume food that has more of iron. Consume foods that are high on iron and protein. Follow a balanced diet.

In Bangalore, these days we see a lot of health related issues due to the change in weather. Would you like to comment?
Bangalore has a very pleasant weather, but over the years, it has changed a bit, a lot in fact (laughs). We get a lot of patients coming to our centers with respiratory and allergic problems. Hair Fall is also a common problem that we have seen a lot of the people in Bangalore.