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Wed 15, Jul 2009

Dr. Batra’s - India’s leading Homeopathic Healthcare Corporate now launched in UAE

India’s leading Homeopathic Healthcare Corporate, Dr. Batras’ Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Limited (DBPHCPL) or Dr Batra’s, has joined the prestigious league of leading healthcare providers at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) to offer its services in the UAE.

With more than 27 years of medical excellence in the time-tested field of Homeopathy, Dr Batra’s officially inaugurated its first clinic in Dubai today. It is the world’s first healthcare provider of its kind at DHCC.

Founded in India by Dr Mukesh Batra in 1982, Dr Batra’s is the world’s first and largest branded homeopathic institution. Today, it has flourished into a chain of 53 clinics, spread across 18 cities in India and abroad, which comprise 300 highly qualified, fulltime doctors. Now, patients in the UAE will be able access to Dr Batra’s world-class homeopathic treatment options. The new clinic in DHCC, will offer patients the expertise of doctors that are hand-picked and personally trained by Dr Mukesh Batra.

"The UAE healthcare landscape is built on strong foundations of international expertise, world-class facilities, and robust growth. To establish Dr. Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic FZ-LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Batras’ Positive Health Clinic Private Limited within the dynamic and evolving environment of Dubai Healthcare City, is indeed a vision realized. The cosmopolitan make up of the UAE, and Dubai in particular, is an ideal stage for the science of Homeopathy to flourish and spread through the region,” said Dr Batra.

“We will focus our efforts on strategic awareness and education-driven initiatives in the UAE to foster a greater understanding of Homeopathy and its time-tested benefits in curing a multitude of health-related issues,” added Dr. Batra.

Dr. Ayesha Abdullah, Senior Vice President DHCC said, "I am delighted to welcome the first homeopathic clinic to Dubai Healthcare City. Central to the DHCC offer is the provision of integrated health services and alternative medicine is a vital part of ensuring patient choice. DHCC has pioneered a regulatory structure to govern complimentary alternative medicine which is unique to the region and to the world. Dr Batra's joins a community of leading healthcare facilities at DHCC, all committed to delivering the highest standards in patient care. Given Dr Batra's track record, I am sure the clinic will see a great interest in homeopathic treatment from the community and region."