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Treat diarrhoea, don't just stop it

Diarrhoea, which causes 1.8 million deaths annually, is seldom taken seriously, except when it gets severe or leads to life threatening complications like dehydration and collapse.

Shibu, our patient, complained, I cant eat sweets, I get diarrhoea. Ruchi, another patient of ours, told us that fried food gave her loose motions. A third patient, Rajesh, had similar symptoms always before his exams. Conventional medicine would have treated all three of them alike with antibiotics or antidiarrheal drugs, not addressing the underlying cause. Homeopathy, however, believes in treating the root cause of the disease rather than just its symptoms. Hence, Ruchi was given Pulsatilla (intolerance to fatty food), Shibu was prescribed Sulphur (intolerance to sweets) and Rajesh was administered Gelsemium (for his nervousness). Today, the need for instant relief has many people abusing medicines that can lead to diarrhoea. In such cases, Nux Vomica works wonders. Arsenicum album treats diarrhea caused by contaminated food and water.

For underlying pathologies like ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel disease, malabsorption syndrome, or hyperthyroidism, proper assessment and treatment is necessary. Diarrhoea cases increase in the monsoons; therefore, avoid eating and drinking at roadside stalls. Dont eat raw fruits and vegetables unless you have washed and peeled them. Never consume ice made from tap water.

Suppressing diarrhoea using anti-diarrhoeals could predispose a recurrence or an altered manifestation in another organ or system. Homeopathy, being extremely modern in its approach, recognised this more than two centuries ago. Thus, treating diarrhoea and not just stopping it should be the main focus of treatment.

Article by Dr Mukesh Batra
L.C.E.H., F.H.M.A. (U.K.), F.R.S.H. (Med) P.(Lon), M.D.H. (U.S.A.), F.B.I.H.(U.K.)
Published in Hindustan Times on 04 July 2009