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Homeopathy treats children's allergies

Millions of children suffer from allergic illnesses. About 12% below age seven are allergic to certain foods. Allergies are one of the leading causes of chronic illness. They also account for 8-10% of all hostile reactions to conventional medications including penicillin. 60 years ago, allergies such as hay fever (allergic rhinitis), or other allergic responses, were uncommon. Today, schools stock conventional anti-allergic medications to treat children at the drop of a sneeze.

Homeopathy treats allergies safely and effectively. The treatment approach is holistic for both acute seasonal and chronic allergies of all types. In my practice, I first treat flagrant, acute allergic conditions that children develop during the allergy season. Thereafter, I prescribe constitutional remedy that resolves allergies from the inside-out, during the symptom-free part of the year. This is also the remedy that suits a childs unique, individual temperament best.

Many children are born with allergic conditions. Some develop sinusitis and asthma when their symptoms are suppressed by conventional medicines. For caring parents, such unpleasant consequences are annoying. Children love pets such as dogs and cats. Some children are extremely allergic to pets; so, parents would do well to trim their pets hair. Homeopathy has an effective medicine to treat this allergic response too.

In a review published in The British Medical Journal (2000), researchers from the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK, a homeopathic hospital, and the University of Sydney, Australia, reported the outcome of a multi-centred, double-blind, placebo-controlled allergy study. It clearly showed the benefits of homeopathic treatment when compared with placebo (dummy pills). The same article also highlighted a statistical analysis of four independent studies pulled together. This included the referred study, in addition to three previous similar studies. The results showed a clear improvement after homeopathic treatment as compared with placebo.

Homeopathy pioneered the research and treatment of allergies. To cull a fascinating example severe allergic reaction to bee stings is treated gently and effectively with Apis Mellifica, a homeopathic medicine made from the honeybee. Picture this. It was the British homeopath C H Blackely who suggested in 1871, that seasonal sneezing and nasal surges were triggered by exposure to pollen!

Article by Dr Mukesh Batra
L.C.E.H., F.H.M.A. (U.K.), F.R.S.H. (Med) P.(Lon), M.D.H. (U.S.A.), F.B.I.H.(U.K.)
Published in Times of India on 22 February 2010

Homeopathy treats children's allergies