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Homeopathy Q & A

Q I am a 28-year-old software engineer residing in Bengaluru. I am suffering from bronchial asthma for the last ten years due to pollution and smog. It increases a lot during every change of season, especially the onset of winter. Please help.

Q A The incidence of respiratory disorders because of smog increases significantly in winter due to the reduced temperature, which causes pollution to hang in the air rather than evaporate. Drink plenty of fluids [water] and do steam inhalation to help loosen the secretions. Also, exercise regularly to improve your lung function and avoid all known factors that worsen your condition. Homeopathy can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of your asthmatic attacks without side effects. You may consult a professional homeopath to start your treatment. In the meanwhile, you may take the homeopathic remedy, Hepar Sulphuricum 200C, four to five pills twice daily.

Q Q My 8-year-old son gets loose motions every time he drinks milk. I have cut down on his milk intake for now, but I would like to know if homeopathy has a solution.

Q A Your son may be suffering from milk intolerance which occurs due to the bodys inability to digest lactose in milk. You may give your son Aethusa Cynapium 30C, four to five pills twice daily. You can substitute milk with soya milk.

Q Q I have been recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS]. Please suggest a homeopathy remedy for me.

Q A Homeopathy offers effective treatment for IBS. Regular treatment helps to restore deviated bowel function, if any, back to normal. It is also essential to make some necessary diet and lifestyle changes. Include plenty of fibre, fruit and vegetables in your diet. Exclude fatty foods, milk products, chocolates and alcohol they may upset your stomach. Minimise the use of tea, coffee and caffeinated colas. Emotional stress, anger or excitement can stimulate colon spasm in people with IBS. Take Argentum Nitricum 30C, four to five pills twice daily. Consult a professional homeopath for constitutional treatment, if symptoms persist. Stress management plays an important role in treating IBS. Practice yoga to combat stress.

Q Q My teenage daughter has watery eyes, with irritation, burning and itching. Eye drops help her temporarily. Please tell me if homeopathy can help.

Q A Your daughter seems to be suffering from allergic conjunctivitis. Does she watch a lot of TV or spend too much time in front of the computer or mobile phone? The eye-strain from them could worsen her condition. She can relieve the discomfort by applying cold compresses or splash her eyes with cold water every few hours. You may give her Euphrasia 30C, four to five pills twice daily. If symptoms persist, please consult a professional homeopathic doctor.

Q Q I am 39. I have been diagnosed with nasal polyps and advised to undergo surgery to remove them. I am not keen on the idea. Please suggest a homeopathic remedy.

Q A You could take Iodum 200C, four to five pills twice daily [morning and night]. You would also do well to find ways to reduce your stress levels. Try yoga and meditation to help you relax and de-stress.






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