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What to expect from your first homeopathic consultation.


A group of friends meet up for lunch - a reunion. It’s been a long time since they got together. After having gossiped about practically everything under the sky, these middle-aged ladies move on to one of the most important topics, woes about their health!


Friend 1: I have not been in the pink of my health these days. Keep getting joint pains, and even the slightest exertion gives me an ache. Have consulted my doctor, who doesnt do much except give pain killers and multi-vitamins. Wondering what more to do?


Friend 2: Hey, I’ve also been getting recurrent colds for quite some time. All I get from my doctors are anti-allergic medications that relieve it momentarily, but the effect doesnt seem to last.


Friend 3: Aha! For me, its my little one suffering from recurrent colds and skin rashes every month, for whatever reasons. Every month, he needs to take antibiotics, as eventually, his allergies go into severe repercussions. What do we really need to do? How do we handle the recurrence?


Friend 4: I too had hormonal imbalances, depressive symptoms, hair loss, acne and was diagnosed with hyperthyroid recently. Initially, I tried the conventional treatment for all my problems but landed with a lot of side-effects. Then I decided its time to go for a more permanent and safe solution. I switched to homoeopathy. And its been about close to a year now, and I have never been better. Ladies, I feel you all too should give homeopathy a try.


The rest of the group: Homoeopathy? Are you sure? Does it really work? Oh, its too slow! I have heard its got steroids? Someone said its nothing but sugar pills?


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Yes, I am totally sure of it. I too had a lot of misconceptions about homeopathy, but once I experienced it, I’m all for it. Let me give you some basic information about homeopathy. You can discuss the rest with your homoeopath.


What is homoeopathy?


Homoeopathy is an alternative system of medicine that believes in the principle of ‘like-cures-like’. In other words, it says that something that brings on a disease process in an individual when given in small doses can treat the same disease. It triggers the body's natural defense mechanism in order to effect a response to the disease process.


It works wonderfully in both acute (short duration, sudden onset, rapidly progressing) and chronic (long standing, gradually progressing) diseases. It certainly is much more than mere sugar-coated pills, and it certainly is not steroids.


Any cure effected depends on the nature of the disease, it’s duration, it’s chronicity and severity. So it is body that needs the time to recover completely from the illness and not homoeopathy!


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What to expect from your first homeopathic consultation?


If you have got the basics, let me tell you a little more about it.

When you do make up your mind that you want to give homoeopathy a try, you need to be prepared for a few things.

  • A homeopathic consultation is way different from your regular doctor visits or consultations.
  • As you enter a homeopathic clinic for the first time, you may have a lot of queries about the medicines, the illness, the curative process, and are probably wanting to know it all from the doctor.
  • But so is the homeopathic consultant. He wants to know everything from you to help you on the road to recovery.
  • You will be asked an array of questions that you never would've even given a second thought to.
  • The homeopath would want to know your life history, and do not be perturbed, or frustrated or irritated or embarrassed to disclose your life to this healer. It is taken from you not to judge or disgrace you, but to find the right remedy for you.
  • Be prepared to open up with details of tiniest events that may be insignificant to you, but may prove useful to the doctor.
  • You will find yourself answering questions like - which side of the bed you prefer to sleep on? What position do you sleep in? How much is your water intake? Which season are you more comfortable in? How do you express anger? When do you get angry? What makes you emotional? What are your feelings to the illness you are suffering from? Describe your pain? When does it get better? When does it increase? Are you taking any medicines? How’s your health history and family health history? How are your relations with your family members? Who are you more close to?


These are details that you would never have paid any attention to but are needed by the homeopaths to help you. Such tiny yet important information helps the homeopath understand you as a person and not only the disease process. The customized medication given to you would help at a more holistic level than at a mere symptomatic level, thereby bringing about a permanent solution to your illness.


So all you need to do is be prepared to give out your details without any hesitation. Be honest, be yourself! Talk about yourself freely! For the person in front of you is not sitting to judge you, but to help you!


"So when you choose homeopathy, you choose to be free from illness, and yes, you do choose your friend for life!"


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