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Ways to lose weight without dieting


Despite the numerous diets, do you continue to grow larger and larger year after year? Are you one of those 95 percent of people who lose weight on a diet just to gain the weight back in a year or two? If you have tried any of the traditional dieting approaches with little to no success, you are not alone!

Battling excess weight can be one of the most frustrating, challenging, and emotionally draining experiences, especially with dieting. You have to suppress cravings, eat foods that taste boring, and feel continually hungry, only to regain the weight after the diet ends.

The good news is that anyone can lose weight, stay slim, and healthy if you understand, address, and corrects the hidden causes of weight gain. In order to get success in the ‘battle of the bulge’, you have to realize that losing weight involves these lifestyle changes to your daily routine –

  1. Chew Your Food: Wondering, how chewing helps weight loss? Well, chewing food thoroughly slows down your eating pace, reduces the number of calories you take in, increases fullness and intake of smaller portion sizes, which can lead to weight loss.
  2. Serve Yourself Smaller Portions: One study found that doubling the size of dinner appetizer increased calorie intake by 30%. Larger portions encourage eating more and have been linked to increase in weight gain and obesity. Therefore, serve yourself a little less than your hunger, use a smaller dish like a salad plate, and see the changes for yourself.
  3. Eat more proteins & fiber: Knowing what to eat is essential to staying slim. Eating a healthy, well-balanced meal with lean proteins, good carbs, healthy fats, and lots of fiber will help you lose weight and keep it off. Proteins can increase feelings of fullness, reduce hunger, and help you eat fewer calories. Carbohydrates, particularly those found in natural form, e.g. fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds, give you energy and turn up your metabolism. High-fiber foods like oat cereals, flaxseeds, and sprouts increases fullness and hence reduce food intake. Strictly avoid frozen dinners, canned, boxed, and instant foods as they contain sugar, salt, preservatives, and unhealthy fats.

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  1. Don’t Mix Dinner-time with Screen-time: How many of you watch your favorite Netflix series or news while eating? If your answer is yes, please don’t ‘multi-task’, at least at the dinner table. One review of 24 studies found that people who were distracted at a meal ate about 10% more in that sitting.
  2. Good Night’s Sleep: The rush to meet the targets in the work, nuclear family, long travels to work, and social media use - amidst all these, we compromise with our sleep. Don’t we? 93 per cent of Indians are sleep-deprived, getting less than 8 hours per night. There isn’t anything that can compensate for lack of sleep. Lack of sleep may disrupt the appetite-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin and having these hormones fluctuate can increase your hunger and cravings for unhealthy foods. Hence, if you want to lose weight, sleep more. Isn’t it simple?
  3. Be On The Move: For those who think we’re going to tell you to work out in a gym 3 or 4 times per week, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! You can reach your ideal weight without getting into your sporty costume. Just keep moving throughout the day. If you have a desk job, take work calls while moving around, make your own coffee, fill your water bottle, get down at a ‘stop’ before your house and walk the rest, take stairs instead of elevator or lift, play with your kid/pet in the house, or just rock your bottom on your favorite dance number!
  4. The Stress-free Zone: The biggest enemy of good health is stress. It gives rise to many problems including obesity. Chronic stress may lead to elevated cortisol levels that stimulate your appetite, with the end result being weight gain, especially around your abdominal area. Therefore, stress-management is a critical part of weight-loss regime. You can try yoga, meditation, aerobics, and other relaxation techniques.

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  1. Eliminate Sugary Drinks, Drink water: If you’re seriously looking forward to losing weight, you’ll have to chuck sugary drinks. Rather, you have water in regular intervals of time. One study in adults found that drinking half a liter of water about 30 minutes before meals reduced hunger and lessened calorie intake. You can also have coconut water, fresh-squeezed juices, green tea, etc.

Hope these tips would help you to lose weight or at least balance your weight. If your weight still gets stagnant, don’t be disappointed, we advise you to consult a doctor. There could be underlying reasons for weight gain, like thyroid disorder, diabetes, PCOS, and steroidal medications. A doctor will be able to rule out all the possibilities for gaining weight and give you a treatment plan accordingly.

For safer, effective, and natural treatment, you can consult our homeopathic doctors. Successful programs for weight reduction and maintenance at Dr Batra’s® include homeopathic treatment along with an exercise schedule and a diet plan specially prepared by our qualified and experienced nutritionists. You can book an appointment with us https://www.drbatras.ae/book-an-appointment

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