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Acne - FAQs

I have irregular menses and acne. I have taken lots and lots of treatment for acne with no results. Please guide.

Is acne hereditary?

Can homeopathy treat acne?

I have lot of acne on my upper back and forehead. Please help.

I hate to see acne on my face, and hence, I prick it. But that makes it worse. Please help.


Myths and facts

  1. Acne is caused by constipation.
    Acne has nothing to do with constipation.
  2. Acne is caused due to digestion problems.
    Acne has nothing to do with digestion problems.
  3. Parlour procedures can reduce acne.
    Parlour procedures do not reduce acne. In fact, they can aggravate acne.
  4. Acne is normal, and should not be treated.
    Mild acne at puberty is a part of growing up, but if severe and persistent, it needs treatment in order to avoid consequences like dark pigmentation marks and scarring.
  5. Acne always goes away with age.
    Acne does not go away with age in all patients.
  6. Squeezing the bumps makes them go away.
    Squeezing the bumps does not make them go way. In fact, it aggravates them.
  7. Home remedies will make the acne go away.
    Some home remedies may help in reducing the acne, but they do not make acne go away.
  8. The more you wash the face, less acne you will have.
    Excessive washing of the face leads to irritation of skin, thus worsening the condition of acne.

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