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Sat 02, Apr 2016

Saga of the Crowning Glory; What all you Need to Know

Saga of the Crowning Glory; What all you Need to Know

There are 40 health reasons why your hair is falling out. And heart diseases are just one among them, says trichologist Dr Akshay Batra, a leading expert on hair and managing director of Mumbai based homeopathy clinic Dr Batra's® Group of Companies. The President of the Trichological Society, London and son of renowned homoeopath Dr Mukesh Batra, Dr Akshay was in the city to release the Malayalam translation of his book, 'Hair, Everything you ever wanted to know', a quirky yet detailed description of human hair, one of the prime characteristics of the human anatomy.  

In his book, Dr Akshay explains that hair is an accurate barometer of one's health and states how it is also luscious proof of one's quality of life.

"People are very concerned about their looks and are willing to spend bucks to groom their hair. However, what is alarming is how the business of hair care has bloated to a multi-billion dollar industry invaded by cosmetic companies with a host of self-grooming and style products. With a motley crew of self-styled hair gurus, remedies are often worse than the hair disorders they claim to cure," he says.

In his tryst as a hair 'doctor', he says that the first sign of illness can be detected in the hair. "Diabetes, ovarian cysts, you name it...we can identify your illness by testing your hair much better than your blood. Trichologists are often roped in for tests to study behavior of criminals, among many others," he said.

Dr Akshay goes on to say that people with unhealthy hair especially receding hair lines tend to have low confidence and exhibit difficulty in taking decisions.

"This is mostly common in men. 75 per cent of men feel less confident following the onset of hair loss especially while speaking or interacting with women. An interesting study reveals that 40 per cent of women with hair loss have marital problems," he says. So, does less hair have anything to do with determining your career graph? Apparently it does. Dr Akshay in his book adds that 63 per cent report career-related problems. For men, those with hardly any hair in the crown of their head find it difficult to climb the ladder of success in their jobs.

But things are changing now, thanks to the success of hair transplants. "At least ninety per cent of patients who arrive at Dr Batra's for hair transplants are men. We charge just Rs 90,000 for the treatment, where we take a portion of the hair at the back of their head and place it in the front crop where it grows gradually.


Dr Batra's homeopathic clinic is credited to be the first centre to have started a cyber clinic where people can receive prescriptions and treatments through the internet. "We use Skype to give out diagnosis. This is the most effective way to reach the rural areas of the country. Any house which has a computer can take appointments with us and then we can deal with our patients through Skype," says Dr Akshay. There are over 20 doctors who dedicate their time for cyber treatments alone. He adds that cyber clinics could be the future of the country.

Facts in the Book

There are hair files, which give you interesting tips on hair- like who are more prone to baldness, the Europeans or Asians?

It also pooh-pooh's myths - when you pluck a white hair, two will grow back to replace it. Boxes and picture illustrations also add colour to the book. The book is priced at Rs 250