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Sun 04, Sep 2011

Homeopathy treats white patches effectively

Homeopathy treats white patches effectively

Forty-year-old Vipula (name changed) suffered from extensive white patches, or vitiligo, since the time she could recall. She had consulted many doctors and tried almost every possible treatment that she could lay her hands on, but all in vain. Conventional medications gave her temporary relief. In due course, the patches reappeared with a vengeance. She now became the reserved type; this led to low self-confidence, or self-esteem, and sudden bursts of weepy spells — that all was lost and life had no meaning for her. Vipula stopped socialising. She dreaded to meet people for fear of “uncomfortable” eyes. We put her on the homeopathic remedy, Pulsatilla, based on her emotional symptoms and temperament. Slowly, her white patches stopped spreading. With continued treatment and dietary changes, her patches receded and her condition improved considerably.

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder, characterised by depigmented patches of skin. It usually starts with a small, white spot; it spreads to different parts of the body, slowly. It can wobble one’s life, trigger symptoms of low self-assurance, uncertainty, depression and social withdrawal, apart from divorce and suicidal tendencies. The disorder occurs when melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die or are unable to function. Some researchers suggest that vitiligo is triggered by a combination of auto-immune, or genetic, and environmental factors. Psychological stress may also be one of the most likely causes in some individuals. In addition, the disorder is usually associated with low haemoglobin levels, diabetes and thyroid disorders.

Homeopathy views skin disorders as outer expressions of an underlying, latent problem in the body’s in-built regulatory mechanism. It does not suppress skin complaints, or illness. It heals the distress from deep within. Put simply, homeopathy treats the external problem — in this case, white patches — with an internal medicine, unlike conventional medicine, where an external problem is treated merely on the surface.

Homoeopathic medicines not only control the spread of white patches; they facilitate repigmentation by enhancing the natural formation of melanocytes, without side-effects. In so doing, they stimulate one’s mind/body to cope better at both the emotional and physical levels. More importantly, homeopathy reduces chances of recurrence — the possibility of white patches resurfacing again.