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Thu 10, Dec 2009

Go Natural the Homeopathic Way

Go Natural the Homeopathic Way

Tired of the adverse effects of some synthetic drugs? Ask nature to resolve your health issues.

The human body is not meant to be ‘pumped' with strong medications. Yet, for many people ‘a pill for every ill' is still the magic mantra. Sadly, the pill, or capsule, you consume may contain harsh chemicals — active pharmaceutical ingredients, binders, or colouring agents. They may be harmful to the body. Luckily, many of us now realise that living a ‘natural life' can go a long way in keeping us healthy.

It's a popular notion too for many of us to think of herbs as being safe. Far from it. Herbal preparations, taken without medical supervision, carry certain health risks — thanks to alkaloids, or heavy metals, present in them. The spin-off — adverse reactions, or toxicity, when taken in excess, or for prolonged periods of time.

Homeopathy is a safe medical option. Picture this: homeopathic remedies undergo serial dilutions in their pharmaceutical preparation. During the process, the curative ‘bioenergies' of the original drug (substance) get transferred to and are carried by molecules of alcohol, distilled water, or sugar. This mechanism is in ‘sync' with modern bioenergetics, quantum physics, and molecular memory. Homeopathic medicines are neutral substances — most of them being derived from nature, the plant kingdom. Homeopathy had long recognised that diseases were incorrectly called as ‘chronic' — a result of lifestyle changes, a faulty habit, causing disease-like symptoms. Homeopathy also pioneered the initiative that removing the causative factor cured illness, without the need for strong medication. A case in point: if you develop a headache after night-watching, you need rest, not medication, to feel okay. Likewise, a smoker who develops smoker's cough only needs to quit smoking to become healthy again.

The irony is many people opt for homeopathic treatment as the last resort when other medical systems don't provide long-term health benefits and/or cause side-effects. This needs to be discouraged, even reversed. Homeopathic medicines, being minuscule (infinitesimal), are absolutely safe; they're best suited to be your first line of treatment. They also don't lead to drug-induced disorders, allergies and autoimmune diseases. The result: a new, healthy you… with a healthier mind and fitter body.