B Perfect – The new name in hair transplantation

B Perfect – The new name in hair transplantation

The introduction of hair transplant procedure completely revolutionized the treatment of baldness and imparted new hopes to all people who suffer from balding. What’s more, the procedure gives you a permanent solution and one that’s 100% natural. Read on to know the answers to some of the most common questions about hair transplant.

What is Hair Transplant?

It is a procedure in which hair, along with its roots, is surgically removed from one area and transferred to an area of bald or balding scalp. It’s also called ‘Hair Grafting’. Currently, this is the only technique that can give natural, permanent, growing hair in the bald area.

Is hair transplant painful?

Hair transplant procedure is hardly painful because it is performed under local anesthesia. In fact, you can watch your favourite movies on television, read a magazine or even work on your laptop during the procedure.

Is hair transplant expensive?

Hair transplant costs more than a hair-piece, artificial hair or medication. However, given the fact that the results of hair transplant are permanent and save you from a lifetime of medication, wigs, toupees and embarrassment, many people consider it as a good investment.

How does hair transplant work?

Most patients with male pattern baldness have good density of hair on the sides and back of the head. This hair is permanent in nature because it’s resistant to the effects of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which causes hair loss. This hair naturally lasts for a lifetime.

In hair transplant, this hair is harvested in strips or in small units which are surgically implanted into the balding region. Once implanted, this hair begins to grow naturally and can be washed, styled, cut or treated like natural hair. Since hair transplant replicates the natural growing pattern in men, it gives the most pleasing aesthetic results.

How is B Perfect different from others?

At B Perfect, you will experience international quality services at Indian prices. Using the latest techniques, our efficient team of specialised plastic surgeons (who have successfully conducted almost 200 hair transplant surgeries) work to give you a customized solution as per individual requirements. What’s more, our competent packages at fixed rates come with no hidden costs at all.

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