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Now, get back the hair you’ve lost

Do you find tufts of hair getting ripped off your scalp every time you brush your hair? Do you have nightmares worrying that you’re going bald? Fear not, experts are now offering hope.

They claim you can regain that shiny mane and prevent further hair loss if you act on time. “Yes it is possible to get back lost hair, but that is only if you have lost 20-25 per cent of the volume,” said Akshay Batra, Managing Director at Dr Batras and President Trichological Society London.

“Topical treatments work very well, but it is important to understand the nature of hair fall and the reasons,” he added.

Excessive loss

Several expats seek treatment for excessive hair loss said Amit Sodha, hair specialist with The Perfect Look Centre, Dubai, who has been treating people with hair problems for 14 years.

“We get at least four-five calls every day from men and women who are excessively worried about hair loss,” Sodha said.

“Earlier, the problem was prevalent mainly among men — eight out 10 people suffering from hair loss were men. But now, we are seeing more women than ever with female pattern hair loss,” he added.

Hair specialists say that hard water could be one of the reasons. “Desalinated water could be a reason for hair loss, but there are several other components in the UAE that can contribute to thinning hair,” said Dr Lars Skjoth, founder of Hårklinikken, a hair treatment facility. Some of the other causes include genes, stress, lack of proper nutrition, excessive use of chemicals on hair and hormonal imbalance, he said.

However, not everyone has hair thinning problems, “There are many long-time residents or people who are born and raised here who do not have hair thinning problems. The reasons could be different,” said Sodha.

“In many instances, people are unable to adjust to the lifestyle here. Stress, changes in eating habits could also lead to more than normal hair loss,” he said added. Seeking help early is the key says Dr Batra: “People usually try out all sorts of treatments on their own instead before consulting a specialist.” Dr Lars says if hair is covered or a headgear is tightly tied, there are more chances of hair thinning. Also, regularly oiling could suffocate the scalp.

Tips to prevent hair fall:

1. Don’t use excessive chemical procedures, styling products. If you colour your hair, ensure that the colour covers only the hair and not the scalp. Hair extensions can cause permanent damage to hair

2. Eat healthy, stay well hydrated

3. Sleep well and avoid caffeine after 4pm for a good sleep because that would ensure healthy hormonal levels and good metabolism

4. Use good quality shampoo and condition your hair

5. Manage your stress levels