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Dr Batra’s Hair Solutions

Dr Batra’s, a leading healthcare group offers all types of hair loss solutions – ranging from instant to permanent. After treating over three lakh hair loss patients with homoeopathy and hair transplantation, Dr Batra’s has introduced innovative product and treatment for the first time in India - Dr Batra’s groHair and Dr Batra’s Instant Hair to treat hair loss.

Dr Batra’s groHair – a revolutionary hair growth treatment from France is a non-surgical painless procedure, free of side-effects that helps restore lost hair. More importantly, it takes just about half-an-hour for one to complete a groHair session.

Dr Batra’s Instant Hair covers bald patches in just 30 seconds. With this, one will get absolutely natural looking hair that will last till the next wash. It's non-toxic, free of side effects as it is made of natural fibre and pure organic protein. It conceals and camouflages bald and patchy spots and is resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.