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Dr Batra’s Aesthetic Clinic Performs Moustache Hair Transplant on Accident Victim

Mohit, a 23-year-old electrician, met with a road accident. The accident left him with a nasty cut on his lip. After being treated for the cut, Mohit was left with an ungainly scar in the moustache area.

The scar was more than a grim reminder of the accident; it gave Mohit a ‘complex.’ He shied away from several marriage proposals.

He approached Dr Batra’s Aesthetic Clinic for a possible solution to his moustache ‘dilemma’ and regain his ‘lost’ self-confidence.

The transplant surgeon, Dr Ravi Manohar, performed a technique called follicular unit transplantation (FUT), which involves the removal of small groups of hair follicles from areas having dense growth. Says Dr Manohar, “In Mohit’s case, we removed hair from the back of his scalp and implanted them on his upper lip — to create the moustache.” “The surgery was performed under local anaesthesia. It took four hours for the procedure to be completed. Mohit was advised to follow a few, simple instructions to maintain the graft. He saw results emerge in the third month, post-surgery.” Notes Dr Manohar, “While the initial growth of his moustache may not be as ‘normal’ as normal moustache, he will sure see drastic growth after six months to a year.”

Dr Manohar, who performed the uncommon moustache ‘regained’ procedure, would be pleased to answer and expand on the following points:

• What is ‘Moustache Hair Transplant’

• The procedure per se

• The recovery period

• New trends of hair transplants

• Other types of transplants that can be done.