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Don’t let hair loss affect your confidence

Vishal K, a 34-year-old man, was losing hair for two years and visited Dr Batra’s clinic for treatment after trying various home remedies. He was keen to get married and was stressed about the fact that hair loss made him look a decade older than his real age. Vishal had a family history of hair-thinning and his treatment began with accurate diagnosis. A computerised hair test found that he had typical Male Pattern Hair Loss with a receding hairline and hair-thinning on the crown.

Hair loss can often be a sign of underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, anemia, etc and on further diagnosis, it was discovered that Vishal had low iron levels that were contributing to his hair loss. He was prescribed homeopathic medicines based on his case to help prevent further hair loss and to increase his iron levels. The medicines helped in strengthening his hair roots and controlled hair loss. International studies show that homeopathic medicines are safe and effective in treating hair loss and do not have side-effects.

To enhance hair growth, Vishal also underwent Dr Batra’s groHair treatment, which is a revolutionary hair growth treatment from France, where 77% patients see hair growth in just eight weeks. He was also prescribed the brand’s specially formulated shampoo and oil for home use to control hair loss. Within three months, his hair grew and that boosted his confidence and self-esteem.

Several patients, like Vishal, are struggling to find an effective answer to their hair loss. Dr Batra’s hair loss treatment helps them find a safe, result-oriented and cost effective solution.

— Dr Akshay Batra, Managing Director, Dr Batra’s Healthcare. Toll-free: 18002092040. Sms: DBH to 575758. (Procedures given are based on the expert’s understanding of the said field)