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Geno Homeopathy

geno homeopathy

Geno Homeopathy Benefits

How will Geno Homeopathy help patients ?

gene-targeting for exact diagnosis
test and natural medicines
the likelihood of genetic ailments well before symptoms appear
treatment based on your unique genetic history
the risk of any hereditary illnesses through timely treatment.

Benefits of Geno Homeopathy:

  • Research suggests that homeopathic medicines have the ability to alter the genes and correct any underlying illness.
  • It is worldwide known that homeopathy treats illnesses without any side-effects.
  • Research has already been done to show that homeopathic remedies can act and change the profile of genes.

Why Dr Batra’s™ Geno Homeopathy ?

  • Geno Homeopathy is available only at Dr Batra's™
  • Better, faster, treatment results
  • Cost effective
  • Holistic treatment suggested to our patients that is customized as per their genetic make-up
  • Patients are also advised on diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes to enhance treatment outcome
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