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Female Sexual Health - Treatment

It is important to keep in mind that female sexual dysfunction is treatable, and with homeopathic treatment, most women have shown significant improvement in their sexual health. Homeopathy offers a holistic treatment, which treats patients at the level of the body as well as the mind, which is essential for effective and long-lasting treatment of sexual problems.

Homeopathic treatment has shown good results for lack of libido and inability to get aroused, especially because the cause is psychological in most of the women. It also helps in cases of painful intercourse.

Persistent anxiety about treatment results can also be a hindrance for good treatment response. Most often, patients who seek treatment have hit a rough patch in their personal lives and relationships due to their problem and have lost patience to stick to the treatment. Counseling of the patient’s partner is also important along with the patient, to help in attaining a positive treatment response. It is in the best interest of the patients that they opt for early treatment for their sexual troubles, which can offer effective results and prevent any further progress of the condition.

Treatment approach at Dr Batra's™

At Dr Batra's™, we have a team of experienced female doctors, including gynecologists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, and experienced homeopaths, who work extensively in providing a holistic treatment to all sexual health-related issues.

Despite its prevalence and adverse effect on quality of life of a woman, female sexual health problems are often neglected or not addressed for varied reasons. Among these include reluctance on the part of women to discuss about their sexual health, as the topic might make them uncomfortable and anxious. However, some clinicians also may not be comfortable discussing this issue with female patients because of insufficient training and confidence in talking about it or for the more practical reason of not having enough time to obtain a sexual history.

At Dr Batra's™ our female doctors are efficiently trained in approaching women with sexual health issues, effectively taking their case history so that the root cause of the problem is understood and suggesting them an accurate medicine to provide a long-lasting relief from the problem.

Step 1: First Consultation - At your first consultation our doctors will spend 30-45 minutes with you. The questions asked extend well beyond the immediate problem, and take into account your medical history, medications, sexual history, emotional and psychological factors that may cause sexual problems. The information provided is vital for us to understand the root cause of your sexual problem and suggest customized treatment that best suits your problem.

Step 2: Medical Diagnosis - To diagnose female sexual disorder, our doctors will discuss your sexual and medical history, any medications you take, emotional and psychological details to get to the root of the problem. If needed, they may suggest you blood tests to check your hormone levels and look for hormonal disorders such as thyroid, diabetes, etc.

Step 3: Personalized Treatment - Natural homeopathic medicines are suggested based on the diagnosis made and extent of the condition.
Benefits of Homeopathy

  • Treatment with medicines made from natural sources like plants and minerals
  • Treatment customized for every patient
  • Effectively treats the underlying cause of female sexual problems
  • No dietary restrictions involved
  • Regulate hormonal imbalance
  • Help cope with stress and attain emotional stability

Step 4: Relationship counseling - Our doctors provide a supportive and caring approach, which helps women discuss their problems uninhibitedly. Counseling of the patient’s partner is also important along with the patient, to help in attaining a positive treatment response.

Why Dr Batra's™?

Largest network of qualified homeopathic doctors
At Dr Batra’s™, we have one of the largest networks of homeopathic doctors in the world with over 350 homeopaths practicing globally.

Our homeopaths are medically qualified and have completed a 5 ½ years degree course in homeopathy that includes medicine, surgery, gynaecology, anatomy, physiology, and psychology. We also have over 45 specialists MDs [Medicine in Homeopathy [M.D (Hom)].

Customized treatment for every patient
We at Dr Batra's™ present you with holistic and personalized treatment. Our treatment extends beyond just physical symptoms, thereby correcting the deep seated emotional concerns of the patient, which in many cases are the cause of medical disorders.

E-medical records / cross referencing made easier
Centralized recording of data enables patients to consult our homeopaths in any of our clinics across the world. Cross referencing becomes much faster, thereby deriving better treatment results for patients through our past experience.

Optimum treatment outcome
We have achieved over 96.2% success rate in treating various disorders including sexual health related issues (Authenticated by American Quality Assessors).

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