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Do's and don'ts for a healthy monsoon


The monsoon season is when people eagerly look towards the sky for cool, refreshing showers, which come as a relief after the scorching heat of summer. Although it rejuvenates every living organism, one should be careful about the diseases prevalent during this season. If you aren't prepared for them, you may get sick. Flu, cough, cold and allergies are some common monsoon companions.

Don’t let these monsoon diseases dampen your spirit to enjoy the rains. Following simple monsoon safety tips and making small changes in your lifestyle will keep you healthy and help you relish the joy of this season. Here are some dos and don’ts for looking after yourself during the monsoon season.


  • Maintain good personal hygiene and eat right.
  • Boost your Vitamin C intake, either as a supplement or in a natural state. Doing so will greatly help increase your immunity against cold and flu.
  • Contamination of drinking water is common during monsoon; always drink boiled water.
  • Keep your body well hydrated by drinking lots of water, because dehydration surprisingly happens during monsoon, owing to the fact that people tend to drink less water.
  • Eat moderate quantities of light and warm foods like brown rice and oats; they are easily digestible.
  • Vegetables should be boiled properly and food should be cooked well.
  • Your laundry must be kept neat and clean.
  • Sleep adequately in order to relax physically and mentally.


  • Avoid eating at roadside stalls.
  • Do not eat too much spicy food as it can irritate the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Chilled drinks and refrigerated items should not be consumed in one go as they can trigger respiratory allergies.
  • Do not eat salads and raw vegetables without a thorough wash, as they carry germs and may cause waterborne diseases.
  • Never enter an air conditioned room just after getting wet in the rains. Doing so is an open invite for colds, coughs and fevers.

Last but not the least, insist that your children use a sanitiser every time they get back home from playing in the rain. The effectiveness of this simple precaution cannot be stressed enough.

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