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Faraz Ahmed
Al Nahda, Dubai

I had low Immunity and would always catch a cold very easily. I often fell sick and became more weak. I tried many medicines and they gave me only a temporary relief. I resorted to a more Natural way and opted for Homeopathy. I visited Dr Batra's and within a few months of treatment, I saw a major improvement in my health. My Immunity increased and I started to feel healthy again.

Shazia Husssain
Abu Dhabi

My child often came home with some allergies and a cold. We wondered the reason why he often fell sick. We tried all medicines but it only treated the cold temporarily and it often came back. We then visited Dr Batra's and with the Homeopathic Treatment, we saw a drastic improvement in his health. His Immunity improved and he did not fall sick very often.

Fahim Syed
DHCC, Dubai

I am a 65 year old man and have diabetes. Hence it takes me quite sometime to get better. Considering all of this, I wanted to take a more Natural Treatment and so I chose Homeopathy. The Homeopathic Medicines worked really well for me and my Immunity improved. Now, i can do my daily chores well and feel fit even at this age.

Tasneem Kazi
Abu Dhabi

I had many scars on my face and neck, which made me very conscious. I used to cover them with makeup, but that made it worst. Then, I visited Dr. Batra’s® Homeopathy Clinic and underwent the homeopathy treatment for my allergies. After a few months, my skin started getting better.

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To know more about Homeopathy at Dr Batra’s®,
Homeopathy is a treatment with a very holistic and natural approach. It is a natural medium for treating most of the illnesses. Homeopathy can offer solutions to overcome any health condition than has an impact on your regular lifestyle. Homeopathic medication is sourced from natural elements like vegetables and minerals. A Homeopathy doctor at Dr Batra’s will spend 35-40 minutes at the first consultation understanding your medical history and deriving the existing physical symptoms after taking into consideration your lifestyle. Based on all the information shared by you, our doctor will examine and suggest an appropriate treatment that can have the right impact on your problem.
Homeopathy treatment can help you overcome your discomfort with a very minimal dose. Homeopathy has a centuries-old history and homeopathy treatment is considered to be suitable to patients of all ages which include children, babies, pregnant women and also senior citizens. Homeopathic medicine is considered to be a single remedy.
When you visit our Homeopathy Clinic, then our doctor will first from the information and the symptoms mentioned by you, derive whether your illness is acute or chronic. Acute is where the problem is very normal and not intense like a common cold. Such ailments can subside on their own but then homeopathy medicine can add to the pace of the recovery. If the problem is not treated while it is acute, then it turns into a chronic disease. A chronic disease is a long-standing or recurrent health problem. When it comes to Homeopathy medicine, the length of the treatment depends on the intensity of the disease. The end goal of homeopathy is to help a person to get back to the state of well being through effective treatment.
Homeopathy medicine is based on the theory of treating ‘like with like’.Dr Batra’s homeopathy with a roaster of renowned homeopathy doctors has been helping patients through their illnesses or ailments and providing them with appropriate homeopathic treatment and the results have been great. Dr Batra’s is a well-known name all over the world for quality treatment and driving efficient recoveries of patients. Globally Dr Batra’s has been trusted by over 1.5 million happy patients. When it comes to expertise, Dr Batra’s never falls short. We have a network of 400+ specialist doctors globally who have contributed to the successful recoveries of patients. With a legacy of more than 115 years, Dr Batra’s treatment is what you can trust to get your disease treated. We also have around 225+ clinics globally executing real recoveries day after day. If you are suffering from hair loss or a receding hairline, then you can not only stop the hair loss but regain the lost hair by the homeopathy treatment offered by Dr Batra’s homeopathy. Skin disorders that make you feel insecure about yourself can also be treated by homeopathy treatment. One of the major and common problems among modern-day women is PCOS. Women globally have been very satisfied and happy with the treatment that the homeopathy doctors at Dr Batra’s offer.
The immunity power of children is said to be very less and it is necessary to take proper care with proper medication whenever they fall ill. The conventional medication may give temporary relief. Thus, in this case, homeopathy is something that is recommended as it treats an ailment or disease right from its source. We at Dr Batra’s facilitate special child care so that your child can be treated well.
Homeopathy medicines can also treat any kind of allergy. Normal disorders like thyroid disorders can also be treated at Dr Batra’s homeopathy clinic. Depression is common among people of all ages. It is very necessary to fight depression for stable mental health. Stress and depression could also be managed efficiently through homeopathic treatment. Problems like obesity can also be fought by homeopathy. Homeopathy medicines are such that you can consume them along with your normal medication.
At Dr Batra’s Homeopathy, we strive for long-lasting results and provide quality and result oriented homeopathic treatments to patients. We also maintain E-medical records that give patients to consult our homeopaths in any of our clinics across the world.

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