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10 ways to deal with ADHD at home

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A hyperactive child has limitless energy. The main ADHD symptoms include hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattentiveness. They can bounce from one activity to another, may find it difficult to follow instructions or listen to what is being told. They may perform poorly in school or get unacceptable grades. Apart from medicinal ADHD treatment , home management for ADHD is more important.

10 ways to deal with ADHD at home:

  1. Help your child to be disciplined but in a gentle way: Parents of hyperactive kids tend to give their child a relaxed household without many rules. This attitude works well for many hyperactive children. But, nevertheless the household should be clear and kept in an ordered manner as an unclear environment is a trouble for hyperactive kids. This will help them understand what is expected from them in day to day life. Keeping a routine and a schedule will help greatly. Keep the same routine every day, from wake-up time to bedtime. Include times for homework, outdoor play, and indoor activities. Keep the schedule on the refrigerator or on a bulletin board in the kitchen. Write changes on the schedule as far in advance as possible. Organize everyday items. Have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place. This includes clothing, backpacks, and toys.
  2. Hyperactive does not mean that your kid is a “Bad Kid”: Hyperactive nature is a behavioural disorder which is a marked feature of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There is a defect in the inability of the brain to give an appropriate response in a given situation. You need to decide whether the issues you’re dealing with your child’s behaviour is worth fighting with the kid. Instead, focus on the issues that actually matter and help your kid to calm down.
  3. Reduce the distractions: Children suffering from ADHD are easily distracted. Therefore the tasks which require good concentration should be performed in areas with minimal distractions. It should be comfortable environment. Avoid seating the child near the door or window when they have to do their homework or study. Allow them to move around in the room but make sure that they are not distracted. While conducting these activities do not make your child feel that he/she is being punished. Encourage your child to make the workspace interesting by asking their opinion for designing it. This will help the child to feel relaxed and help them concentrate on the task given.
  4. Make it easy for them to understand: It is the most difficult for an ADHD child to retail long list of information / instructions. Instead make these instructions easy for them to understand. Make it sure that your child maintains eye contact whenever you attempt to explain your child or are trying to give some instructions. Make your child repeat what you told them. Make an extra effort and write the list of instructions in a step – by – step manner. This will help a hyperactive kid to focus on one small instruction at a time and indirectly will help to accelerate his memory of what has been told and move to the next step when the first is completed.
  5. Do not feel you are bribing your child: Completion of a task is the biggest struggle for an ADHD child. Children with ADHD often receive and expect criticism. Look for good behavior, and praise it. Praise or reward your child when rules are followed. Reward them with their favourite food or a small prize when they complete a task. This positive reinforcement to encourage your child to do better should not be considered as bribing your child.
  6. Help your child to prepare their own to-do list: A to-do list prepared by your child will help the child to become responsible and to become independent. Allow them to complete the task in the order they feel like doing it rather than starting from the first task they have mentioned. Teach your child to refer the to-do list whenever they get stuck or bored or are unable to understand what they have to do next. Do not get upset or punish your child if he/she has failed to finish the to-do list within the time frame they had set up.
  7. Make sure your child has enough time to play outside: With the schools increasing the time of study and reducing the recess time for the kids has caused an increase in the rate of hyperactivity in kids. Children need time to run around and play in a setting which is unstructured. Make it sure that your child has enough time to play outside as this will help them also release the study burden and help them grow well.
  8. You are an expert of your child, so stand for him/her: You need to let the people who will be handling your child at school or home knows about the disorder. Coping with hyperactive children is difficult for people who are unaware about the disorder. Help and educate their caregiver of how you deal with your child in a particular situation. This will not only help the caregiver to become comfortable with your child but will also help your child to become comfortable with their caregiver.
  9. Educate yourself enough about the disorder: Do your own research about the disorder your child is suffering from but keeping in mind the reliability of the information you are seeking from the internet. Get attached to a group who treat ADHD children. Do not take all the decisions instantly. Always seek opinion of an expert. Don’t get frustrated with your child. Help yourself and your child too. Do not be hasty to medicate your child unless really required. If required try and choose safe treatment options like homeopathy. Medicine should be the last resort.

10) Avoid coloured and preservative foods: Certain food colours and preservatives may cause an increase in the hyperactivity of your child. For example, sodium benzoate found in salad dressing and carbonated drinks are known to affect a hyperactive child.

Following the above mentioned tips could help you to reduce the burden you as well as your child are going through. By following the tips you can minimize your child’s negative behaviour and maximize his/her success.