Glossary On Self Care Tips

Based on our expertise and experience of treating thousands of cases over the last 35 years, we at Dr. Batra's have seen patients being helped with certain changes in their diet and lifestyle. These have been clinically verified by us repeatedly and have a scientific backing as well. Here are some points that Vitiligo patients can put to good use:

  • Exposing the affected areas to early morning sunlight just after sunrise is known to stimulate pigment forming cells. However, patients must avoid strong sunlight especially between 10 am to 4 pm. If necessary to move out during such hours, patients must opt for a sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of more than 30.
  • Regular use of sun screen also guards against sunburn and long term damage
  • Use mild soap for bathing and avoid rubbing skin vigorously after a bath (friction can trigger new patches)
  • Wear clothing that adequately covers the skin (e.g. full sleeved shirt) - this protects the skin from any kind of external trauma
  • Avoid direct contact with deodorants, perfumes - spray on clothes rather than directly on skin
  • Avoid mental stress - take effective steps to identify and tackle with stress, if it exists
  • Diet rich in copper is suggested for Vitiligo patients since scientific studies have shown low serum copper levels in patients suffering from Vitiligo. Green leafy vegetables and sesame are good sources of copper.
  • Supplementation with vitamin B12, folic acid and pantothenic acid has been seen to have beneficial effects in Vitiligo patients (it has been credited with the formation of new melanin). Patients should include adequate lentils, eggs and yogurt in their daily diet for the same.