Glossary On Psychological Impact

Vitiligo can be socially devastating for afflicted individuals and it has a significant psychological impact on patients. It can cause feelings of being shunned by the society or being singled out due to the disfigurement that is often seen in this condition. In certain countries like India, these patients often face discrimination especially at the time of marriage. Sometimes Vitiligo can even be a ground for divorce if the patient develops it after marriage.

Vitiligo patients often feel awkwardness in public places and for some it is even hard to move around without developing feelings of embarrassment. Long term sufferers are more prone to fall prey to depression, anxiety and feelings of low self esteem. Many are constantly on the watch as to how the opposite person will react to their looks. Thus, it has significant negative effects on the self-image of a person, his quality of life and self esteem.

For some people, Vitiligo might even be a limitation in pursuing the career of their choice or marrying the person they like. Such people must be encouraged to come out of their shells and to lead a healthy life that does not give too much significance to looks. They must be explained the significance of pursuing whatever they want in life with full confidence because suffering from Vitiligo does not change the kind of personality they have. Regular counseling may be required for those few who do not improve in spite of all these steps.