Glossary On Homeopathic treatment

Recent studies conducted in University of Toronto and published in the BioMed Central journal of Dermatology have clearly demonstrated evidence of benefits of orally taken Ginkgo biloba in the treatment of Vitiligo. This is a known homeopathic drug and besides some others drugs, it has been successfully used in the treatment of Vitiligo.

In another clinical study conducted by the AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Center, 259 Vitiligo patients had improved out of 629 patients included in the study and 42 Leucoderma patients had benefited out of 97 patients. Thus research has also demonstrated the effectivity of Homeopathy in a difficult condition such as Vitiligo.

At Dr. Batra's, we have the expertise of treating more than 45,000 skin cases successfully over last 35 years and we can ensure you of a safe and scientific solution for your Vitiligo. The treatment is primarily aimed at stopping or slowing down the further destruction of melanocytes and stimulating the re-pigmentation in the existing patches. Our team of expert homeopaths, dermatologists and nutritionists work in unison to ensure the best for every case we treat.

The scope of homeopathic treatment extends beyond the physical symptoms and the approach is more holistic in nature. It also addresses the underlying stress and depression that is often seen in many cases. Thus, the treatment at Dr. Batra's goes a step further and works towards re-integrating the patient into normal life.

Prognosis with Homeopathic treatment depends on certain criteria such as the location, duration, extent of spread and the disease activity. It also depends on the general health of the patients and the presence of other systemic illnesses such as thyroid disorders, auto-immune diseases, etc. Vitiligo over bony prominences, around lips, on tips of fingers and toes and generalized extensive Vitiligo show slow improvement. Even after starting the treatment, patient may notice occurrence of some new spots; however, this is because it takes some time to control the disease activity and balance the immune system.

The medicines prescribed at Dr. Batra's are known to be safe without any adverse effects and the patients are not advised any particular dietary restriction which is otherwise a common case with most of the alternative treatments available in the market.

Additionally, at Dr Batra's , we follow certain international medical protocols set by our dermatologists to monitor the improvement of the Vitiligo patients:

  • Appearance of the Trichome sign (pale pink color development in the patches)
  • Re-pigmentation around the follicles
  • Concavity of the borders of the affected patch

Apart from all this, our qualified and experienced nutritionists formulate a personalized diet chart to give the Vitiligo patients valuable dietary help. Thus treatment at Dr. Batra's is truly holistic in every sense of the word and is different from the superficial nature of conventional treatments for Vitiligo.

Brief overview of Conventional treatment options for Vitiligo:

The conventional methods aim at treating Vitiligo by altering its appearance without addressing the underlying cause. The treatment varies from the patches being hidden by cosmetic camouflage solutions to application of cortico-steroidal creams to phototherapy. Camouflage solutions also include tattooingof the affected patch. However, it is often difficult to match the exact color and the patches also tend to spread in spite of the tattooing.

Phototherapy is another option available but this carries a risk of causing sun burn as well as skin cancer. Lastly, surgical procedures are also opted for by many patients and include grafting of the skin on the affected patches but again these cannot be performed in extensive and generalized Vitiligo and carry the risk of scarring apart from its cost value.