Glossary On Facts and Myths

Myth: Vitiligo is contagious.
Fact: It is not contagious and cannot be passed on through contact. Click here to read about what causes Vitiligo.

Myth: Vitiligo increases after consuming milk and other white foods.
Fact: It is an auto immune disease which has no direct relation to food.

Myth: Will my child also get it?
Fact: Researches claim that it does not get carried to the progeny, however strong hereditary tendencies cannot be denied.

Myth: Does the disease stop spreading as the treatment starts?
Fact: It can't be guaranteed as it takes time to build the immune system and by the time the immune system is built, few new spots might appear which recover as the treatment proceeds.

Myth: No new spots come after the stoppage of the treatment.
Fact: Generally speaking no new spots occur but there are certain cases of extreme stress or compromised immunity wherein the spots may recur, however these can be taken care of and controlled by the treatment.