Glossary On Homeopathic Treatment

In a study conducted on 60 Japanese patients with chronic skin diseases (including Urticaria as well as psoriasis vulgaris, eczema, atopic dermatitis, severe acne), the holistic approach used in homeopathy was found to be a useful strategy.

A total of 88.3% of patients reported over 50% improvement in this study. The results were based on patient-reported and clinically observed effects of the individualized homeopathic treatment. It was concluded that individualized homeopathic treatment can provoke a good response in patients with chronic skin disease.

Apart from this study, a number of cases that have seen excellent relief with homeopathy also provide clear evidence that homeopathy works effectively in allergic diseases like Urticaria.

At Dr. Batra's we have treated thousand of cases of Urticaria and provided relief to a large number of suffering patients. We have helped many of them to get rid of their dependence on anti-histamines and steroids which provide only temporary relief.

The treatment for Urticaria may vary from cases to case - some requiring short-term whereas others requiring long term treatment. The duration of treatment depends on various factors such as the severity, duration and extent of the illness, nature of treatment taken for the same and general health of the patient. Some forms are obstinate and need more patience on part of the patient. Over a period of time, we can taper and even stop the conventional medications being taken by the patient.

Homeopathy also helps to deal effectively with the psychological aspects of this illness such as depression, irritability, aggressiveness, etc. Overall, patients report significant change in their physical and mental health with continued treatment. And not to mention that the treatment is without any side-effects whatsoever! Homeopathy is definitely suggested in all cases and forms of Urticaria.

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