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Urticaria (also known as hives) is a rash that is primarily a manifestation of an allergic reaction on the skin. One of commonest reasons for Urticaria is exposure to allergens. Peculiarly seen as clusters of raised, red wheals of varying sizes on the skin, this condition lasts for some time and then disappears without any trace. The condition is not life-threatening; however Angioedema is a severe variant and this condition may endanger life if not attended to promptly.

In a study involving homeopathic treatment of 60 Japanese patients with chronic skin diseases (including Urticaria), the holistic approach used in homeopathy was concluded as a useful strategy. Homeopathy can indeed be effectively used to treat Urticaria which otherwise tends to be a very elusive disease, especially in chronic cases. At Dr. Batra's, we have the proficiency and experience in treating this disease successfully for more than 35 years now. Go ahead and experience an Urticaria-free life!

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