Glossary On Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy has been successfully used for the treatment of sinusitis for many years now and has clearly proved its efficacy in a number of cases as well as research studies conducted on the same. Time and again, homeopaths have saved a number of patients from surgery for sinusitis.

In one of the research studies conducted on chronic sinusitis patients in Berlin, Germany, it was concluded that the patients treated with classical homeopathy showed marked health and quality of life improvements that lasted for 8 years. Even other studies conducted over a period of years and clinical experience of homeopaths has shown that homeopathy medicines provide significant relief to sinusitis patients and that too without any adverse effects.

At Dr. Batra's, we have treated thousands of cases of sinusitis and have the experience of treating such cases for 35 years now. Majority of our patients experience good relief from sinusitis after starting homeopathy treatment. Homeopathic medicines help in controlling the acute inflammation of the sinuses as well as preventing the condition from progressing to a chronic stage. In cases of recurrent sinusitis, homeopathy medicines can help in reducing the number of attacks as well as the frequency of these attacks.

Regular treatment with Homeopathy can improve the immunity of individuals so that they do not fall prey to recurrent attacks of sinusitis. It can help in preventing the need for frequent antibiotics, decongestants, etc. that only tend to provide temporary relief. Homeopathy may also help in avoiding the need for endoscopic sinus surgery for sinusitis as far as possible. All in all, Homeopathy is strongly suggested for all sinusitis patients and the earlier they opt for treatment, the better the results.