Auto Immunity - (au-to-im-mune-ty)
State in which the body’s defense mechanism (cells) mistakenly begin to attack the body’s own tissues Chronic - (chron-ic )
Being long-lasting and recurrent in nature; characterized by long standing suffering Infectious - (in-fec-tious )
Caused by infection, transmissible from one person to another Koebner Phenomenon - (Ko-eb-ner phe-nom-e-non )
The phenomenon in which new skin lesions occur at the site of the trauma Plaque - (plaque)
Flat and raised patch on the skin Relapse - (re-lapse )
Deterioration in health; the return of signs and symptoms of a disease after a patient has been in remission for some time Remission - (re-mis-sion )
Symptom-free period during the course of a disease Scales - (scales)
Thin flakes on the skin surface Scaling - (Scaling)
The process of scales shedding off from the skin or scalp Thrush - (thrush)
Candidiasis (fungal infection) of the oral cavity Trigger - (trig-ger )
Any of the things that set into motion some course of events (such as a disease process, etc.)