Glossary On What is Osteoarthritis?

I am old now and my joints hurt…

Commonly known as Degenerative Joint disease or Osteoarthrosis, this is one of the most common forms of arthritis. The pain in joints due to Osteoarthritis (Osteoarthrosis) is mainly related to aging, but there can be many other factors that can lead to its development.

Osteoarthrosis usually appears in middle age and majority of people develop these joint pains by the age of 65 years. Before the age of 55 years, the condition is more predominant in males whereas after 55, it is more common in women.

Osteoarthrosis can affect any joint though it is more commonly seen to affect the weight bearing joints of the body: the knees and hips. The joints of hands, feet as well as those of the spine can also develop Osteoarthrosis.

A large number of cases of osteoarthritis have no known cause and are termed as ‘Primary osteoarthritis’. When the condition occurs due to a known cause, it is referred to as ‘Secondary osteoarthritis’.

When the cushion (cartilage) between the bones in the joint begins to wear off, the movements of the joint cause pain and this is the primary mechanism of Osteoarthrosis. The condition generally tends to get worse over a period of time and as the cartilage disappears, the bones begin to rub on each other causing severe pain and reduced mobility.