Glossary On Homeopathic Treatment

An extract of sea kelp which has been used as a homeopathic remedy for obesity for over 100 years has now been scientifically proved to speed up the metabolic rate and burn up calories faster. This has been widely researched and accepted by the UK Medicines Control Agency (MCA) as a suitable active ingredient for oral administration in medicines. Homeopathy is indeed a holistic and the safest way to overcome obesity without any side-effects.

At Dr. Batra's, we have been treating this condition for over 35 years now and have given good results in many cases. Successful programs for weight reduction and maintenance at Dr. Batra's include Homeopathic treatment along with an exercise schedule and a diet plan specially prepared by our qualified and experienced nutritionists.

The homeopathic constitutional treatment of obesity takes care of underlying medical, hormonal or psychological causes of obesity and can help in preventing complications of the same. Homeopathic medicines can help you to lose weight by improving your digestion, metabolism & elimination. In addition, certain specific homeopathic medicines for weight-loss help to burn calories faster than normal.

Additionally, specialized and individualized diet plans charted out by our nutritionists ensure that you lose weight gradually without landing up with any side-effects such as nutritional deficiencies, hair loss, etc. Regular scientific monitoring is done every month to keep a check on the patient's health.

Behavior modification for changing eating behavior is also helpful in many cases as it creates increased awareness about the healthy eating patterns. And lastly, besides the medication, social support is a very important component of obesity management. Patients who get good support and encouragement of family and friends show better results in the weight management programs.

Summing up the treatment of Obesity at Dr. Batra's:

  • Holistic treatment
  • Safest and painless weight-loss procedure
  • No side-effects
  • Absolute compliance to the treatment program assures scientific tangible results:
    • An increased BMR
    • Normalized body water percentage
    • Reduction in body fat